Great review for Monoprice THX Ultra speaker system

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    I've been waiting for the release of Monoprice's THX Ultra certified atmos speaker system mainly because of its fairly low cost entry into THX Ultra certified speakers ($499 for the atmos enabled mini-towers and $399 for the center channel).
    It's great to have a read a recent review of them on the AVS forum website by Mark Henninger:

    For a sneak peek on the performance of these speakers from the conclusion..."I expect these to be nothing less than a complete game changer at this price point, especially for living rooms, and other spaces where in-ceiling Atmos is a non-starter but very high performance at a reasonable price is desired. This is a Top Choice, easily."

    So far so good! I can't wait to read other reviews/responses to this Monoprice system over the next months : )

    Link to mini-towers:

    Link to center channel:
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