GoldenEar Technology Shows New ForceField 30 and 40 Subwoofers at CEDIA 2022!

(October 18, 2022) GoldenEar Technology recently launched a refreshed take on its space-saving ForceField subwoofer line with new "30" and "40" models. Designed with amp technology borrowed from the more expensive SuperSub Series, these new models feature cabinet enhancements to drive a better low-end show. We caught up with GoldenEar's David Penrod at CEDIA 2022, and got a peek at the new speakers.

There's been a lot of speculation about the future of GoldenEar and new product releases since the retirement of Sandy Gross. Rest assured, new models are on their way. GoldenEar continues to use the same design and engineering team that crafted its incredible lineup of high-performance speakers under Gross's watch. In fact, we might see some new models in 2023!



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Jul 15, 2023
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I have two of the forcefield 3 models. I may look at getting these new ones given my entire system is GE, and these seem like a good bump up.
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