GoldenEar’s Gorgeous Bookshelf Reference X (BRX) to Appear at CEDIA 2019


(September 5, 2019) Early September is always loaded with surprises as the custom integrator channel’s largest tradeshow (CEDIA) preps to showcase the best of the best in the world of home theater. Lucky for enthusiasts around the world, this year is no different. That brings us to a popular friend, GoldenEar Technology, who time after time has one of the most impressive sound rooms at the event. This year, the company is introducing a new hi-fi compact bookshelf speaker called BRX ($699/each).

Drawing from technologies the company has used to create its reference-level speakers, BRX is designed to deliver true Hi-Fi audio in stereo and home theater configurations. The speaker’s driver selection is loaded to perform across an impressive frequency range (40Hz – 35kHz) with amp-friendly efficiency (90dB). Those drivers include a 6” cast-basket/midrange driver, internally balanced 6.5” planar infrasonic radiators, and GoldenEar’s highly regarded Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter (which can be found on the company’s Triton One.R flagship tower).

The BRX’s 12”H x 8”W x 12.25”D cabinet is sized perfectly for room-friendly placement. And its hand-rubbed piano black lacquer finish and physical stylings fit perfectly with everything we’ve come to expect from the audio giant. It’s a fantastic looking speaker, and because its voiced to match the company’s towers it will blend perfectly with any standing GoldenEar system.

GoldenEar says the BRX will be on demo at CEDIA along with its Triton One.R towers and an Atmos system comprised of Invisa Signature Point Source ceiling and wall speakers. Attendees can hear GoldenEar’s speakers in Sound Room 2 (SR 2) on the show floor.
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