Going High-End, Josh.ai Continues to Grow as the Top Smart Home Voice System


(August 6, 2019) Most everyone is familiar with voice options such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. But unless you’re associated with the world of high-end integration, you’re likely not aware of an award-winning custom integration platform called Josh.ai. Born from the collaboration of innovators Tim Gill and Alex Capecelatro, Josh.ai is designed to offer significantly more sophisticated voice control of any smart device using devices of your choosing, including a broad range of products found with the world of home theater and luxury custom installation. To date, the system (which includes its hardware product, Josh Micro) has a capacity that exceeds 300,000 voice commands, buffered by a focus on user privacy rather than profit from data collection.

Josh.ai typically has a pronounced presence at the industry’s annual CEDIA showcase event, and this year shouldn’t be any different. Leading up to the event, the brand has several announcements that further validate its importance and growth. First off, to better serve some 300 dealers nationwide, Josh.ai has officially recruited the help of CET & Associates for sales representation in the Rocky Mountain region while hiring industry veteran Chad Russell to serve as National Sales Director.

“The emergence of voice control is a distinct landmark in our system advancements. Getting a peek under the hood at how Josh is integrating with partners while maintaining a promise of privacy is a class act solution,” says Russell. “Voice is the future of our industry and to be part of an AI platform with such a commitment to dealers meant I had to sign up and go full send with an amazing team."

Josh.ai has also announced a new partnership with Sonance, allowing Sonance DSP Amplifiers to auto-populate the Josh.ai web portal for configuration. This means custom integrators can assign multiple input sources across DSP Amps installed in a home for multi-room voice capabilities. For example, a homeowner can request: “Ok Josh, listen to Air Tonight by Phil Collins in the kitchen and smooth Jazz in the dining room,” and the system will turn on associated playback components and execute the command.

Additionally, Josh.ai has recruited the help of TRUFIG to design a mounting system for Josh Micro. This mount allows Josh Micro to reside flush on a wall, giving it an eerie HAL type of an appearance a la 2001: A Space Odyssey, shunning the more protruded look that owners of Nest Thermostats experience.

The Josh.ai team can be found at Booth 4319 at CEDIA 2019, while a complete demo of the system can be experienced at the company’s Denver Office (a mere 15-minute drive away from the Denver Convention Center). To reserve a tour spot, click here.

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