Focal Uses ISE 2022 to Launch Its New 300 ICA6 Angled In-Ceilings


(May 13, 2022)
Focal's latest release adds to the company's 300 Series lineup. The all-new 300 ICA6 is an angled in-ceiling design inspired by the 1000 ICA6 loudspeaker from Focal's high-end 1000 Series. Discrete and easy to install, the 300 ICA6 carries over many features from the 1000 ICA6 at a price point that's wallet-friendly ($499 MSRP).

Weighing 6.6 lbs and measuring 5.75" deep, the 300 ICA6 houses a 6.5" flax membrane midbass driver that's angled at a 35° tilt. This positioning combats the "shower effect," where hard surfaces in a shower stall impart a variety of effects from reverb to standing waves, ultimately enhancing certain frequencies for a harmonic effect. It also broadens the speaker's placement variations, including in corners, while also enhancing immersive sound playback, especially in rooms with lower ceilings.

A 1" aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter with Poron suspension completes the speaker's driver array, pairing with eh mid-bass driver to deliver a frequency response ranging from 65Hz to 28kHz (89.5 dB sensitivity).

The 3000 ICA6 is outfitted with Focal's Easy Quick Install system. This unique, finger-activated clip system eliminates the use of a screwdriver, streamlining the installation process. Once the speaker's frame is properly mounted, the driver section of the speaker is inserted and locked in place. Lastly, a paintable magnetic grille finishes off a clean-install look.

The 300 ICA6 is expected to begin shipping during September 2022. For more information, visit
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