Focal Uses CES 2023 to Launch Vestia, a New Line of Hi-Fi Speakers


(January 13, 2023) Focal's latest lineup, Vestia, was officially launched during CES 2023. Positioned between the French manufacturer's Chora and Aria lines, Vestia is a five speaker series consisting of the Vestia No.2, No.3, and No. 4 floorstanders, a bookshelf design called Vestia No.1, and the Vestia Center. The entire compliment can be used in concert to create an audiophile-grade home theater experience, and paired with Focal's SUB 600P subwoofer for hard-hitting bass.

Visually, the Vestia line is a feast for the eyes, offering buyers three different side panel finishes to choose from (Black High Gloss, Dark Wood, or Light Wood), and a black or white leather effect front panel. Add to that metallic driver rings and removable grilles, and the Vestia line delivers artful aesthetics.

Soundwise, Vestia speakers harness Focal's in-house Slatefiber drivers. Originally developed for the Chora line in 2019 and used in both the Alpha Evo studio monitors and Slatefiber in-car kits, these drivers feature a cone material manufactured from recycled carbon fibers. On the top end, Focal chose its M-shaped dome TAM tweeter for high-frequency reproduction. Initially developed for in-car speakers, this exclusive tweeter has been revamped to work with traditional loudspeakers, and is making its debut with the Vestia line.

Depth and breadth of sound across each of the three floorstanding speakers is bolstered via ports. Focal's engineers opted for two (one front and one rear firing) to propagate what the company calls a "deeper" soundstage. In addition, stands are tilted to provide an optimal and natural soundstage, more focused on the listener for an even more immersive listening experience.

The entire Vestia line is shipping now with price points that are sure to please budget-conscious buyers. The No.1 bookshelf model can be had for $599 each, while the No.2, No.3, and No.4 towers are priced at $1,399, $1,799, and $2,199 each. The Center model lands at $699.

Focal is selling a Center channel stand for $100, and two speaker stands for $249.
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