Fireface UC sound card calibration using REW 5.19


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Sep 10, 2019
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Bryston 9BSST and Parasound A51
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B&W 802 D3
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B&W HTM-1 D3
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B&W CWM 7.3
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B&W CWM 7.3
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B&W CCM Cinema 7
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B&W CCM Cinema 7
Svs PB16 Ultra x 3Nos.
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Sony 65" OLED TV
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URC Total Control 2.0

I am a novice. I have recently purchased the Fireface UC sound card and would like to calibrate it using REW 5.19

Could some one guide me the steps necessary from making connections to adjustments in the software i.e. REW and TotalMix FX.

I tried putting one end of the balanced cable into the MIC IN (Input 1, Balanced-XLR) and the other end of the cable in OUTPUT 1 (Balanced-TRS) but after pressing the calibrate button on REW nothing happens.

John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
After pressing Calibrate follow the instructions in the help panel, pressing Next when prompted.
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