FIBBR to Unveil Its Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Cable at CEDIA 2019


(September 5, 2019) Quality HDMI cable manufacturer, FIBBR, is poised to unleash its latest fiber optic creation at CEDIA 2019. Called Pure2, the cable delivers long-run access to a 24Gbps bandwidth with support for 12-bit color, 4K resolution, 60Hz frame rate, 4:4:4 color, and audio return channel. Additionally, the cable carries a power-booster option using a USB pigtail. When a connected device requires additional energy to properly power Pure2’s optical engine, the flexible USB pigtail can be attached to an adjacent USB port. And to accommodate tricky installations, the cable can be bent up to 180 degrees without signal failure.

According to FIBBR, its proprietary TransFuture technology allows for Data Display Channel and Hot Plug Detection signals across a single copper wire. Onboard microcontrollers can be updated with new firmware to meet future operational requirements.

FIBBR is showcasing Pure2, along with its full line of products, in Booth #2934 at CEDIA 2019. For more information, visit
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