Emotiva T2's vs Golden Ear Triton 5's

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by danzilla31, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Okay so I had a thread going originally about upgrading to SVS ultra's versus T2's

    You guys have me some great advice so I went to my audio store Bjorn's and they very graciously demoed me many many different speakers A to B in there music room with proper setup and amplification

    I really wanted to hear what a well designed AMT tweeter and that type of speaker could do.

    For my ears the golden ear triton 5's destroyed everything they put in there at that price point and lower including my beloved SVS

    I have NEVER especially at reference levels heard a speaker dissapear image and soundstage like I did the 5's. NEVER have I heard such distortion free silky smooth airy fast detailed highs and such a velvety warm midrange for around that price range like I did the 5's

    I now truly understand why so many listeners have come to love that AMT tweeter design.If well done I've never heard anything quiet like it. I'm in love.

    Okay here's where you can help.Lol

    Does anybody have experience with both golden ear 5 or 7's and the Emotiva T2's? If the Emotiva have that same sound signature well shoot stop the press I'm ordering those right away for 500 a speaker for the emotiva versus the 1000 for the golden ear you can see why I'm hoping to save huge price difference since I'm going 3 towers across the front of the room

    Here's a pic thanks for your time and any insights!


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