Dirac Turns Attention to Headphone Market, Inks Agreement with RHA


(September 26, 2019) Fresh on the heels of a successful showing at CEDIA 2019, Sweeden’s Dirac has announced a new commercial relationship with Britan’s RHA. According to press materials, the newly inked collaborative agreement is designed to explore the integration of Dirac’s latest algorithms into RHA headphones, allowing the company to further expand its technology footprint beyond the automotive, home theater, and handheld markets.

Dirac currently offers multiple headphone solutions, including Dirac 3D Audio and Dirac HD Sound. 3D Audio is designed to create a “more convincing externalization, a realistic sense of space, accurate acoustical characteristics of different audio objects, and correct distance and location,” while HD Sound attacks issues of impulse and frequency response to heighten clarity, control bass, and deliver a “dynamic sound experience.”

Dirac views personal audio as an untapped market loaded with opportunities that's primed to grow as consumers continue to shift to content consumption to mobile devices. As for RHA, the company’s Director of Product (Kyle Hutchinson) believes Dirac can only help the company fulfill its mission to deliver top-notch audio.

“Dirac shares our vision for the future of personal audio,” explains Hutchinson. “This collaboration combines our design and engineering experience with Dirac’s award-winning sound optimization software and strong research background. Our shared creative outlook and commitment to the highest standards in audio technology promise to deliver a unique suite of headphone solutions. This collaboration will help us to push the boundaries of audio immersion and develop a new standard for headphone listening.”
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