Dirac Brings Its Audio Tuning Expertise to Klipsch's Earphones


(July 3, 2020) Two well-known brands – one dedicated to manufacturing premium speakers, and the other dedicated to optimizing sound – have announced a new corporate collaboration. In the deal, Dirac’s sound optimization technologies will be applied to Klipsch’s regarded line of earphones, with an end goal of boosting Klipsch's hardware performance to new levels.

This kind of marriage is made possible by Dirac’s intent to further spread its optimization solutions across the audio market. In the case of Klipsch’s earphones, Dirac will fine-tune aspects such as staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and bass fidelity by correcting both impulse and frequency responses. This will help reveal a song’s subtleties while helping the earphones to further project nuanced tonality and sounds.

To achieve these goals, engineering teams from Dirac and Klipsch have worked hand-in-hand to apply Dirac’s sound tuning capabilities to forthcoming models in Klipsch's True Comfort, True Performance, and True Wireless lines. Release dates have not been announced.

“Klipsch is the preferred choice of audiophiles and aficionados around the world, thanks in large part to our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and innovation,” said Vlad Grodzinskiy, Sr. Product Manager at Klipsch. “By working with Dirac, we combine our decades of headphone expertise with their digital audio expertise to introduce to our customers a new level of listening experience across Klipsch headphones. Dirac shares our commitment to excellence and innovation, and we look forward to continued collaboration.”
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