Dayton Audio’s New DATS V3 Brings Essential Tools for Loudspeaker Design


(November 26, 2019) Dayton Audio has released a new version of its popular DATS V2 audio test system. The all-new DATS V3 improves upon Dayton’s popular measurement tool, delivering new levels of performance. At its core, DATS is a speaker designer’s dream tool, unlocking the ability to accurately measure impedance response, Thiele-Small parameters, resistor, inductor, and capacitor values, and more. It features an all-new aluminum enclosure and other design elements that deliver on-the-fly performance, unlocking the ability to test new speaker designs, compare drivers to reference standards, generate low-distortion signals, and other functions.

For more information, Dayton Audio’s full press release is below.

DATS V3: An Essential Tool for Speaker Designers and Audio Engineers
DAYTON, OH (November 26, 2019) – Dayton Audio has taken the most complete and easy-to-use audio test system and improved it in almost every way when creating the DATS V3 Computer Based Audio Component Test System. With improvements to the accuracy, capability, and reliability of the DATS V2, the DATS V3 sets a new standard for quick and accurate audio component measurements.

Users loved DATS V2 and the improved DATS V3 is even better. The newest generation of the test system is housed in an aluminum enclosure with both the test leads and USB cable that are detachable/replaceable. The calibration resistor (0.1% accuracy) is now integrated into the V3 front panel with convenient turret terminals for connecting the test leads. No more searching for or fiddling with a separate calibration resistor. This helps assure that your system is always accurately calibrated even for those “quick look” measurements.

The DATS V3 is a Windows PC hardware/software package that gives speaker designers the ability to take accurate impedance response measurements quickly and easily. For raw drivers, the DATS V3 can derive the Thiele-Small parameters in a matter of seconds. In addition, the impedance response graph can allow you to identify unwanted resonances and other anomalies that might be causing issues.

A new feature for the DATS is the linearity test. With the increased output capability, theDATS V3 can begin to see changes in parameters with drive level. This new test automatically performs multiple sweeps of the driver at increasing (or decreasing) levels while saving each test result to memory. After the data is collected you can compare the results by recalling and comparing impedance plots and parameters.

For finished speaker systems, the impedance response measurement allows you to compare the actual impedance response to the predicted impedance. This comparison makes it easy to see if the crossover and enclosure are performing as expected. Impedance comparison measurements can also be used to compare similar systems to detect component failures.

The DATS V3 also accurately measures the value of resistors, inductors (inductance and DC resistance simultaneously), and capacitors (capacitance, ESR, DF, Q, and loss angle measured at three different frequencies with one click).

Other features make the DATS V3 more than just a parameter measurement system. The Rub and Buzz test allows quick comparisons of many drivers to a reference standard to identify possible defects quickly and effortlessly. Just set the Fs/impedance tolerances (or accept the defaults), measure the reference driver and then DATS V3 will be ready to compare other drivers in an instant by displaying "Pass" or "Fail" along with the amount of deviation. Each subsequent driver and parameters are saved into memories for review.

The DATS V3 also functions as a low-distortion signal generator. In addition to sine waves, the generator can also generate square, triangle, saw tooth and impulse waveforms as well as pink noise and white noise. The DATS V3 also includes an oscilloscope to monitor the output signal. You can see the audio waveform with amplitude on the vertical scale versus time on the horizontal scale.

Having all these capabilities just a click away, is why the DATS V3 will remain a must have tool for the speaker builder and a very valuable tool for anyone who regularly works with audio equipment.


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