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    You will find that we are doing things a little differently at than at other forums and industry web sites. So many sites try to be everything to everyone, and try to provide so much information that much of it loses its value and becomes little more than data to be mined.

    One of the fundamental concepts in an information society which is often forgotten is that something only becomes information, as opposed to data, when it is meaningful or informative. So here at AV NIRVANA, you won't see us trying to be a site that tries to appeal to every aspect of the industry, or that has reference pages that have every possible item in an area listed. What we hope you will find is a place to come to be informed when you are looking for something, get help finding it if we don't have it, and find information easily rather than having to parse hundreds of pages to get to a bit of knowledge that someone shared.

    Data becomes information when it it meaningful, informative, and understood.
    Information becomes knowledge when it is applied or transferred.
    Knowledge becomes wisdom when we are smart about how to use it.

    Help us to be informative and create knowledge by sharing information. Hopefully, we will put it to good use. If anything you find here makes your life more enjoyable or better in any way, that will be the case and we will be pleased.
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    I hope this question goes in this thread

    In the Who's Online Now
    Beside the list names on the web site at that moment, it will also state data like...
    Total: 218 (members: 10, guests: 206, robots: 2)

    My question is in regards to the "Robots". Is that the web's own robots or do them come from outside sources?

    Why do I want to know? No other reason than just find it interesting.



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