Convolver plugin for the Mac?


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Jan 4, 2021
Hi! How to organize a worfkflow on a mac to apply REW filters on the fly to see how it affect the measurements? At the moment I'm trying to use SoundSourse app, which allows to apply effects to the standard output of a Mac, and I wanted to find a convolver to accomplish the task. Maybe there is another way?

At this moment I've found post "REW eq to VST plug-in" on this forum, but all the plugins mentioned there doesn't work. Liquidsonics cannot activate it even in trial mode + there is no free version, Reaverb as far as I see cannot be used outside of Reaper, Freeverb3 does not start on Big Sur due to an unverified developer. Is there any other (ideally free) convolver AU or VST system plugins or any other way to apply wav-filters with macbook only?
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