Computer Based DSP Newby - Very Confused


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Jul 8, 2018
Hi Everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and decided to do to my first post.

I currently have a 2 way horn system with a horn loaded subwoofer ( Klipsch Jubilee and the matching 1502 Sub). I've been using a boxed DSP solution (Xilica) which has been working well and I've been able to get pretty good at setting PEQ's, time / phase alignment and room correction.

I'm intrigued with the idea of moving towards computer based DSP utilizing Audiolense as the filter generator, however I am very confused at how to implement this as it seems as if there are several different methods of doing so.

My main sources of audio are Roon & Vinyl (sometimes CD's)

I really do not want to use Jriver or HQplayer. I also do not want to use a PC based system outside of my Roon server, so MAC OS is a must.

I understand I can use Roon's DSP Convolution engine to process the Xover filters to feed a multi channel DAC, is this data fed to the MCDAC via the USB of my Mac?

I've seen some people who use vinyl and use the term "loop back" to processing the audio and feed it into the MCDAC. How is this done?

Are there MacOS convolution engines that can do this without using Jriver or HQplayer? If so how is this done?

I've seen quite a few people using the Lynx Hilo and it seems to have some great reviews. However I do not like the fact that I would need to use the front headphone output for the sub channel and it only has 2 line inputs.

I've been looking at both the RME UFX+ and the Prism Atlas/Titan primarily due to dedicated outputs on the rear of the units as well as multiple inputs for both a vinyl preamp and measurement microphone.
Would units like these be able to do the same thing as the Hilo?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm hoping I can get some clarity on how to do this, i'm a pretty smart guy when it comes to this stuff, however this seems very intimidating.

Thanks for looking and responding.



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Feb 5, 2018
Welcome as a new poster!

Since all your questions are Mac related, I hope someone who knows about this can share their wisdom. Mac is unchartered territory for me.


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Feb 12, 2020
Audiolense is a great way to develop audio correction filters including crossovers (please use a Windows PC).

Once you have the filters as .wav files, there are many options for using the FIR audio filters on a Mac. I have tried more methods than I can remember at this point.

I now use "Loopback" by Rogue Amoeba to route audio on my Mac M1 Mini.
I now use "REAPER" by Cockos as a VST host for audio plugins including convolution. It provides many features including remote control from a smartphone.
I now use the X-MCFX convolver:
I now use "Audacity" to combine filter files into multichannel filter .wav files
I now use a MOTU 16A audio interface. I have a LYNX Aurora N on order which is multichannel with Hilo technology and is Thunderbolt 3.

This combination provides absolutely great and reliable performance with endless options for different audio configurations.
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