CES 2019: Pioneer’s Slick New E8 Wireless Earbuds are Designed for Athletes

CES 2019: Pioneer’s Slick New E8 Wireless Earbuds are Designed for Athletes


(Pioneer) The E8 Wireless Sports Headphones come in three colors.
(January 4, 2019) Pioneer will hit the ground running at CES 2019 with its new E8 Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones in hand. Available in multiple colors (yellow, grey, and pink), the E8 is set to retail for $149.99 ($199.99 CAD).

The E8 is designed for athletes looking for comfort, great sound, and the ability to hear the world around them. Each of three provided ear tip sizes feature what Pioneer calls “ambient awareness earphone tips.” By design, the form fitting tips carry narrow slits that allow low-level ambient sound to enter the ear, making sure a user can hear what’s going on around them. This is a feature that urban runners are sure to appreciate, especially since safety while running through city streets is acutely tied to hearing cars, bicyclists, and other pedestrians. And, of course, all athletes and active users will appreciate the fact that the E8 is designed to stay in place while moving around. Pioneer’s engineers have employed physical fins to lock the headphones in place, while angled drivers and nozzles focus sound directly where it counts: right down the ear canal.

Internally, the E8 houses 6 mm rare-earth magnet drivers paired with batteries that provide up to 3 hours of operational time. And when you run out of juice, the include case can recharge the E8s two times for extended listening. Additionally, the case acts as battery meter, visually showing a user how much charge remains.

A shipping date has yet to be officially established.
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