CES 2019: KLH Bolsters Audio Offerings with Two New Headphone Models

CES 2019: KLH Bolsters Audio Offerings with Two New Headphone Models

(January 15, 2019) KLH finished 2018 by creating quite a splash, relaunching its brand under the guidance of new ownership steered by long-time industry veteran, David Kelley. Kelley and his team stormed CEDIA 2018 with a host of new speaker designs and a groundbreaking voice controlled wall-amp (read more, here), turning heads and wowing ears. It proved to be a very convincing reveal. Now, just a few short months later, KLH has re-emerged in the news department by announcing the arrival of two new personal audio products: the Ultimate One Open-Air Dynamic Headphones ($499) and the Ultimate Two Wireless Sound-Isolating In-Ear Monitors ($299).

The Ultimate One marks KLH’s first new headphone model since the brand’s re-launch, and it’s quite a looker. The company’s design team married real ebony wood swivel earcups to premium perforated leather pads filled with plush high-density microfiber, while adding a touch of class (and comfort) with a thick hand-stitched soft leather headband. It's a very natural looking headphone design that oozes quality and attention to detail.

Sonically, the Ultimate One is a true over-ear open-back design that benefits from 2-inch beryllium drivers capable of delivering performance from 22kHz down to a lowly 18Hz. According to Kelley: “We are music lovers and we want to share this passion through what we bring to market.” As for performance, Kelley says: “Our design goal here was to deliver a rich, enveloping musical experience that simply put, ‘elevates the soul,' because that’s what this is all about for us.”

The headphone ships with a balanced (detachable) 2-meter long cable paired with a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack and removable 1/4-inch XLR adapter, in addition to a protective hard-sided carrying case.

The Ultimate Two is an in-ear monitor designed for the music fan that doesn’t want to be tethered to a source. Relying upon a 10mm dynamic driver with performance capabilities measuring from 18Hz to 20kHz, the Ultimate Two offers high-quality wireless connectivity thanks to Bluetooth AptX technology. And to keep things simple, KLH’s engineers endowed the Ultimate Two with a three-button wireless control.

This is an artfully sharp in-ear monitor endowed with casings that sport a high gloss pearlized black finish and two (detachable) braided 1.1-meter cables that terminate to true gold-plated connectors. Fit-and-finish is complimented by the inclusion of four different sized ear tips that ensure a perfect sound-boosting noise-isolated fit.

Both of KLH’s Ultimate personal audio models are currently set to ship at the beginning of March 2019. For more information on KLH’s other offerings, visit www.klhaudio.com.


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