CEDIA 2023: Quantum Media System's 18FT Wide XDR3 LED Video Wall Will Blow Your Mind!

(September 13, 2023) Last year's surprise show darling, Quantum Media Systems, returned to CEDIA with a new and improved LED Video Wall technology that nearly left yours truly speechless. Having recently received the DCI stamp of approval, the XDR3 is, hands down, the best big-screen video image I've ever seen... and it's not a stretch that other show attendees felt the same way. Boasting rich blacks, impeccable brightness, and mindblowing details, Quatum's latest offering was completely devoid of tile lines while delivering an image that looked better than reality.

In this video, we interview Quantum's Ken Hoffman and he runs through some of the details behind the XDR3's performance capabilities. To learn more, read the company's pre-show PR release, below.

Video walls may be all the rage in commercial applications, but they’re quickly gaining ground as a premier large-format viewing option in home cinemas, thanks in part to a revolutionary LED display purpose-built by Quantum Media Systems for residential applications. Vastly different than conventional LED video walls used for digital signage, the XDR3 LED Video Wall offers several distinct advantages that simplify design, configuration and installation for systems integrators and enhance viewing enjoyment for end-users.

The XDR3 LED Video Wall has been optimized for the presentation of content typically consumed by homeowners: 4K High Dynamic Range movies and streaming video, fast-action video games and high-res digital art. Additionally, a built-in processor enables it to display multi-window sports broadcasts and videoconferencing sessions. Based on the content chosen, the XDR3 LED Video Wall automatically switches to the most appropriate format, be it 2.39:1 Cinemascope, 16:9 Widescreen, or another format.

The XDR3 LED Video Wall is also highly customizable and integrates with leading control systems—important features when adapting an LED display to the unique requirements of diverse residential applications. Quantum Media Systems simplifies this part of the process by handling 100% of the design, installation, calibration, and commissioning of the XDR3 LED Video Wall.

“We felt that the image quality in existing LED offerings could be improved dramatically. With our experience in very high-end projectors, we knew how it should look and thought if we could get LED to the point where it gives us the best that projectors can do and more, we’d have a really amazing product line,” says Quantum Media Systems owner Ken Hoffman. “The XDR3 LED Video Wall is our answer to exceptional LED imaging. Homeowners can now truly enjoy bright, sharp, lifelike images from an LED display with the lights or in full view of sunlight.”

In addition to producing images of exceptional brightness up to 1000 nits, a combination of immersive image display technology with Fine-Pitch LED and high-performance image processing to produce a full, vibrant color spectrum and High Dynamic Range (HDR), which results in a wide contrast ratio with deep blacks and peak white levels. The XDR3 LED Video Wall requires just four inches of total build-out depth, which makes it look like a natural extension of the wall—an artistic expression rather than a random piece of technology. The low profile of the XDR3 LED Video Wall also saves space. Homeowners enjoy a big screen viewing experience without a large, loud video projector infringing on the room design for comfort of the audience. This space-saving attribute also enables greater freedom with seating arrangements.

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