CEDIA 2023: JVC Announces New Firmware with Frame Adapt Tone Mapping and Laser Adjustment Improvements, USB Backup... and SALE PRICING!

(September 13, 2023) JVC entered its second straight CEDIA without a significant product launch, but rather news of a free update that will improve the performance capabilities of current model laser projectors. Due to land sometime in Q4 2023, the update will improve the company's proprietary Frame Adapt HDR Tone Mapping software, while adding a sliding scale for laser attenuation and the ability to back up settings with a USB stick. A beta version of the software was in use at JVC's CEDIA demo space, where an NZ9 and a Stewart StudioTek 130 put on a dazzling display of 4K and 8K content – JVC's onboard HDR tone mapping technology remains unparalleled as compared to what other projectors can natively achieve. The demo room's video presentation was exceptional.

In other news, JVC is placing both the NP5 and NZ7 on sale. Watch the video for more details!

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