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    CEDIA 2018: Samsung’s New 8K TVs Stun the Eyes on CEDIA’s Show floor

    (September 6, 2018) Last week we covered Samsung’s announcement of a new line of true-8K televisions. This week, the international powerhouse had two 8K models on display at CEDIA 2018, including the 75” QN75Q900 and the US/Canada only 85” QN85Q900.

    First things first, these 8K HDR TVs are as stunning as you’d expect. Color, contrast, off-axis viewing, and detailed resolution were all simply spectacular. Unlike CES, where Samsung displayed a prototype 8K TV, both CEDIA display models were being fed true 8K source material; material so life-like it appeared as if you were peering through a window. The TVs’ pixel structures are so minute, they’re only visible as the eye approaches 12” from the surface (ready: abnormally close).

    I spoke extensively with a Samsung representative who confided that the televisions truly hit their stride with native 8K content. When 4K (or lesser) content is sourced, the viewing experience falters somewhat, hitting performance levels akin to viewing 1080p source material on first production 4K televisions. The QN85Q900 85” version is only being sold in the US and Canada, with an initial MSRP of $15,000. Samsung feels the North American market is the best place to test interest in native 8K sets.

    Samsung also used CEDIA to display its fabulous modular micro-LED system called The Wall. According to the Samsung rep I interviewed, The Wall has a hefty retail value of $300,000 and is rather finicky when it comes to care and installation. Forget any notion of purchasing something like this and installing it yourself, as it requires professional assembly. Also, the modular panels lack any sort of protective coating, making the system susceptible to damage. That being said, the rep suggested future 4K and 8K micro-LED panel designs – incased in bezels and graced with surface coatings – could replace LCD technology. Samsung, at the minimum, is continuing to investigate the technology’s impressive utility.
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