Capital Audiofest Cancels Its 2020 Show, CES Continues to Plan for 2021


(July 7, 2020) Capital Audiofest, the most prominent east coast-based audio show, has announced that its 11th annual event is being canceled due to health concerns. In a letter to past attendees, vendors, and media, Gary Gill (Founder and Director) explained he isn't interested in attempting to pull-off a “lesser show” due to the current pandemic. In addition, Gill stated that Capital Audiofest has struck a friendly agreement with the Hilton Hotel (Rockville, MD) to move the show from 2020 to 2021.

“We greatly appreciate everyone being patient in this difficult time and want you and your families to be safe and able to return to CAF in 2021,” said Gill. “The official dates are now November 5-7, 2021 and want all vendors to know that their rooms are there for you to return to. Please let us know your intent so we can hold your place. See you all in 2021.”

With 2020 events falling like dominos, the next logical question becomes the status of CES 2021. As of now, CES is planning for a smaller physical show, recognizing that fewer international visitors and vendors will be attending the juggernaut event. The result, CES says, is more space for vendors and proper social distancing. Additionally, CES will continue to support its digital platform for parties unable to attend.

It’s worth noting the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) fully recognizes that CES 2021 might need to be canceled. In the event that a physical show is impossible, the CTA says it will move forward with an all-digital show.
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