Bi - amping with amps with different gain


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Mar 14, 2021
I always thought that it is perfectly OK to bi-amp with 2 different amps so long as both amps have the same gain - otherwise the volume of the sound from each of the 2 drivers (per speaker) would vary relative to one another as the volume control for the input signal is turned up or down. However I‘ve read that one prominent user of Audiolense uses a lower gain amp for the tweeter because it has a higher sensitivity than the mid/woofer. Why does this not produce the relative volume mismatches that I’ve tried to describe above? What am I missing here?


Feb 12, 2020
There is no need to gain match amps for Audiolense use. Volume mismatches are not a problem, Audiolense will compensate for them. Amp gains should be set to reach full power or the rated power handling of your speakers (which ever is lower) at zero dBFS. That's the highest level that a digital audio signal gets.
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