Beale Street Audio’s BPS-65 and BPS-80 In-Room Subs Feature Sonic Vortex Technology


(July 14, 2020) Beale Street Audio, a company typically associated with in-ceiling and in-wall speaker designs, has announced two new in-room powered subwoofer models. The all-new BPS-65 and BPS-80 are locked and loaded with the company’s bass-boosting Sonic Vortex technology, allowing both to be small yet impressively powerful.

Remaining one of the more unique tech names in the speaker industry, “Sonic Vortex” refers to Beale Street’s optimized air movement tunnels that force air through a series of spiral ports. These ports vent at multiple locations surrounding the driver. The resulting design shrinks the needed enclosure for effective bass, which plays exceedingly well for in-ceiling speaker applications. And, in the case of the new BPS-65 and BPS-80, it allows traditional floor-standing subs to deliver powerful bass in space-constrained rooms.

Both subs feature solid wood cabinets with black matte finishes and magnetic cloth grills. Behind the grills, the BPS-65 houses a 6.5-inch Kevlar woofer, while the BPS-80 takes things slightly larger with an 8-inch driver design. Powering the show is a 220-watt onboard amp that can be fed using stereo and mono RCA inputs or speaker level connections. Additional features include high-level stereo outputs, a physical power switch, a 40Hz to 160Hz crossover control, an output control, and a phase switch.

The BPS-65 is rated to dig as low as 38 Hz, while the BPS-80 takes LFE performance even lower (28Hz).

Beale Street’s new subs, along with a complete line of newly released custom Pendant Speaker Enclosures, are shipping now. For product specifications, pricing, and to learn more about Vanco International (Beale Street Audio's parent company), visit


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