(March 14, 2023) Audyssey has announced a new "Pro" version of MultEQ-X. While functionally similar to the consumer-oriented MultEQ-X software package, it includes a streamlined licensing system that's easier for business owners and integrators to manage.

MultiEQ-X Pro offers live phone support featuring Audyssey's sales and engineering staff, a simplified ability to inventory and resell licenses, and improved license management through a dedicated Pro website. It also gives business owners access to bulk-license discounts. Those range from 10% (5 to 9 licenses) to 20% (50 licenses or more) off the standard $200 fee, with other discount levels offered in between. Purchasing and downloading are also made easier by removing Microsoft from the equation; buyers can perform both tasks directly through Audyssey's official Pro website.

Audyssey says current MultEQ-X owners can transfer licenses to MultEQ-X Pro, but they must purchase enough additional licenses to meet the five-license minimum.

To place an order, visit https://installer.audyssey.com/order.php.
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