Audyssey and cross-overs not applied thru HDMI input using REW


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Sep 7, 2019
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I am trying to use REW to measure my final response after SUB EQ and running the Audyssey app on my Marantz 7703 Prepro. I am using the HDMI out option from my mac and going into my prepro thru Aux1 HDMI port on the front. I can measure the responses from Left, Right, Center, and Sub channels just fine. However, my responses are all full range responses without any EQ, delay, or cross-over applied. . Audyssey has calculated all the proper values and it is turned on. I can see it all setup properly on the front panel of my receiver. However, sending single channel output through the HDMI connection for some reason doesn't trigger Audyssey to be applied when using REW. My responses are all full range responses without any EQ, delay, or cross-over applied.

I tried to trick the receiver by sending the sweep using airplay to the Marantz 7703 and then the responses I got had the EQ, delay, and Cross-over filters applied. The only issue here is that using airplay REW only defaults to L, R, L+R. I can't send center or LFE because the options aren't available. Ultimately what I want to do is measure my 4 subs, my Left, my Right, and my Center, with the cross-overs, EQ, and delays applied, then combine them all to see the total response in the cross-over frequency range. Unfortunately I can't do this because Audyssey doesn't appear to work with single channel HDMI input from REW.

Anybody have any ideas how to trigger Audyssey on so that I can measure the response? Is there something I am missing that I should be doing with REW to get Audyssey to apply it's corrections to the recorded output? How do other Marantz or Denon users set their REW via HDMI to record the total response of the system? I am really wanting to see how my system is responding in the cross-over 80 - 500Hz range.


Jun 29, 2017
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You should be able to turn Audyssey On or Off and measure any of the Audyssey options i.e. Reference or Flat ets
perhaps check that DEQ and Dynamic volume is also Off
Other than that I cant see why you cant measure any combination
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