Atmos Music Streaming on Tidal


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Dec 5, 2017
For those of you with an immersive sound system have you ever listened to object oriented music where instruments and voices are spread throughout the space in a 3D sound field that is MUCH more realistic than two channel stereo? If not you need to try one of three things:

1) Try using an upmixer like dolby surround or auro 3d through a 5.1.2 (or more channels up to 7.2.4) immersive setup.
2) Get an X-Box and set it to bitstream in Atmos. It will transode everything played through it into an Atmos signal which sounds MUCH better than any of the upmixers to my ears.
3) Buy or stream immersive mixes. You can buy Auro or Atmos blue ray music mixes or now stream Atmos mixes via Tidal.

I recommend the X-Box for the Atmos transcoding alone, even if you never play a game in your life. Stereo signals transcoded into Atmos through the X-Box are just better. Picture a 3-dimensional cube. Now imagine being able to point to any spot inside that cube and send a sound to precisely that spot! This is the way music is reproduced in object-based surround sound. When things pan around or from side to side, that path is fully plotted out in 3D. Quite frankly two channel sounds weak in comparison.
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