Atlantic Technology Muscles-Up Its TWS1 Earbuds with 100 Meters of Reach, Low-Lag Performance!


(February 14, 2023) With nearly every manufacturer releasing a "true wireless" earbud promising crystal clear calls and superior active noise cancellation, price-point is becoming one of the biggest differentiators between product launches. Newness, as far as technology is concerned, is far and few between. That's exactly why Atlantic Technology's latest release, a waterproof ANC Bluetooth earbud, is so interesting. It appears to offer performance factors few others on the market can match.

The TWS1, priced at $189, claims to hit all the right notes in the sound department. The company says onboard 7mm Titanium coated drivers (20Hz – 20 kHz) and Hi-Res audio compatibility (up to 24-bit/96 kHz) lay the foundation for good sound out the box. And the user experience is fully customizable thanks to an app (iOS and Android) that carries a 7-Band equalizer and an intelligent fitting program that optimizes performance for the owner's personal hearing profile.

The earbud's wireless prowess comes from Class1 Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which gives the earbuds an extended range of 100 meters (328 feet). That kind of distance is nearly unheard-of in the wireless space, and it's backed by a 9-hour long battery life that can be extended to 35 hours with periodic 90 minute charges (a 15 minute quick charge delivers one extra hour of use). And for hardcore videophiles and gamers, a low-latency "Gaming Mode Instant Switch" cuts lip-sync lag on games and video to one-third of previous Bluetooth technologies.

The TWS1 uses 7mm Titanium coated drivers for a promised frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000kHz, and boosts phone calls with four integrated MEMS microphones and Bluetooth 5.2's wider 32kHz frequency range. And to give you a bit of an edge (or, to take off the edge), the TWS1’s Side Tone Activation feeds your voice back to the earbud which prevents you from talking louder than necessary in noisy environments.

Much like other earbuds in this price class, Active Noise Cancelling and ambient sound Transparency are available. However, the TWS1's transparency mode has five different fitness profiles (Balanced, Talk, Workout, Training, and Transparency Boost) for intense sessions at the gym.

Boasting a superior IPX67 dustproof/waterproof earbud rating, the TWS1 is designed for active lifestyles. Provided are seven comfort tips and four ear fins for perfect everyday comfort, with a secure fit even during strenuous workouts. Also incorporated is a unique programmable Workout Timer that is gesture-activated with voice prompts to end the user’s workout.

Rounding out the TWS1's capabilities is tap gesture and voice command access to both Siri and Google Assistant. Owners can use the app to assign one of 11 functions to three different tap gestures, giving the earbuds quite a bit of customizable flexibility.

The TWS1 is available in Black with Rose Gold Accent. It's shipping now.
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