Atlantic Technology Delivers Wireless Versatility with FS Series Subwoofers


(May 17, 2020) Keeping pace with a promise to ship dozens of new products this year, Atlantic Technology recently announced the official launch of its new FS Series of wireless powered subwoofers. Priced right and designed with lifestyle factors in mind, the FS series allows entertainment enthusiasts to inject just about any audio system (including soundbars and TVs) with low-end performance.

The FS Series is comprised of two models (6.5” 100 watt FS-S65, $399, and 8” 150 watt FS-S8, $549), both of which feature slim designs and SKAA wireless capabilities for maximum placement flexibility. SKAA wireless audio is a pro music technology not commonly deployed in consumer products, however, Atlantic Technology has integrated it in a wide range of products due to its reliable, interference-free, and low latency performance (36 ms). That means both FS subwoofers can be paired with other Atlantic Technology SKAA enabled gear (such as the FS-252 active bookshelf speaker and STA-200 integrated amp), or just about any piece of modern audio gear (analog, digital, or USB/Lightning Connector SKAA adapter required).

Sitting a mere 7” deep (and no more than 14” wide and 15” tall), the FS-S65 and FS-S8 feature MDF cabinetry and a choice of two finishes (satin black and high-gloss piano black). Both can lay on a side for under the couch duty or slide behind furniture, and if you’re short on floor space both can be mounted directly to a wall.

Performance-wise, the FS subs utilize proprietary drivers featuring a four-layer aluminum voice coil and a massive vented magnetic motor structure paired with a stiff composite cone. According to Atlantic Technology, their 100- and 150-watt amplifiers are matched with their respective drivers for articulate and competent playback, keeping cool under pressure thanks to digital design. Manufacturer output numbers look impressive considering form factor and design intent (27Hz – 300Hz, 98 dB peak output), with system and room integration enhanced by a 12dB per octave low-pass crossover and phase switch.

“Virtually all wireless subwoofers are designed for soundbars and use Wi-Fi signals that only work with the same brand of soundbars or speakers and typically have limited adjustability and no provision for a wired connection to work with other products,” said Paul Fredrickson, Director of Business Development at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s marketing and global PR agency of record. “Leveraging Atlantic Technology’s extensive experience producing great subwoofers, the FS Series gives everyone the ability to add a slim, compact wireless subwoofer to their TV, soundbar, or home theater system of any brand in any room, without breaking the bank or home aesthetics.”

The FS-S65 and FS-S8 subwoofers can be purchased now.
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