ATC Unleashes Its New C1 SUB MK2 Subwoofer


(November 21, 2019) Here’s a bit of news from a unique builder of custom loudspeakers: Acoustic Transducer Company (otherwise known as ATC) has unveiled a replacement for its Mk1 subwoofer. The company, which says it’s built speakers for the likes of Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, Pink Floyd, Jack White, and Dolby, is shipping its all-new C1 Sub Mk2 ($3,499) now.

The heart of ATC revolves around founder and owner Billy Woodman’s vision of true handcrafted design and builds. Rather than mass-producing speakers for brick-and-mortar sales, Woodman’s preferred model is hand-building each ATC product for individual customers. The C1 Sub Mk2 is no different, featuring a handcrafted 12” ATC bass driver and fully discrete ATC 200 watt Class A/B power amp. Of note, the driver features a “massive motor assembly and 3” ribbon voice coil.” The result is performance down to 25 Hz with max SPLs hitting 103dB.

The Mk2 is extremely room-friendly, sporting a 17.72” x 14.17” x 15.75” package that weighs a comfortable 56-pounds. The exterior of the cabinet has an organic visual appearance thanks to its real wood veneer; the sub can be ordered in one of four finishes (Cherry, Black Ash, Satin Black, and Satin White) to match ATC’s Entry Series speakers, center speakers, and HTS Series on-walls.

The backside of the sub reveals a beautiful plate amp complete with a heat sink and numerous controls. Those controls include continuously variable low pass and variable all-pass filters, a polarity switch, speaker level inputs, RCA line inputs, and a summed RCA line output for linking multiple subs.

According to ATC, owners of the company’s SCM7, SCM11, SCM19, HTS7, and HTS11 speakers should incorporate one Mk2 into a system, while owners of SCM19A, SCM40 and HTS40 speakers should consider two (room dependent, of course).

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