1. Todd Anderson

    HED UNITY and HEAR360 Join Forces to Bring Movement Activated Spatial Audio to the Unity Headphone

    (January 25, 2024) HED UNITY, a Swiss company defined by its first product, Unity, a headphone that streams lossless audio via Wi-Fi, has announced a strategic partnership with HEAR360, an outfit specializing in spatial audio solutions. The collaboration finds HED's powerful streaming approach...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch Celebrates Three US Music Destinations with Its Music City Series of Bluetooth Speakers

    (October 31, 2023) Tapping the allure of history and heritage, Klipsch has named its latest portable speaker lineup – the Music City Series – after three iconic music towns: Detroit, Austin, and Nashville. With portability placed at the forefront, each model in the series offers a unique take on...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Status Audio's Between 3ANC Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, a Full Review

    We've had quite a few earbuds hit the review desk in recent years, but none have shined quite like Status Audio's new Between 3ANC buds. Yes, it offers what you've come to expect from an earbud, with comfort, controls, Active Noise Cancellation, and good out-of-the-box sound quality baked in. It...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Lithe Audio Shows Wireless In-Ceiling Speakers, Its New iO One, and More at CEDIA 2022

    (October 8, 2022) Britan's Lithe Audio made its U.S. and CEDIA Expo debut at CEDIA 2022. The company makes unique, professional-grade wireless audio solutions, including three different models of all-in-one Bluetooth ceiling speakers, the all-new IO One multi-functional on-wall, and a wireless...
  5. Todd Anderson

    SVS Debuts In-Wall Subwoofer, New Pro Wireless Speaker and Pro SoundBase Amp at CEDIA 2022

    (October 7, 2022) Audio industry veterans, SVS, are no strangers to incredible audio. Not one to waste an opportunity, the popular company entered its first CEDIA Expo with an all-new In-Wall speaker and outboard amp, and a new Pro Series Bluetooth wireless speaker and Pro SoundBase amp...
  6. Todd Anderson

    Ditch Your HDMI Cable? Find Out if IOGEAR's 4K Wireless HD TV Connection Kit Actually Works!

    In this video review we take a closer look at IOGEAR's 4K Wireless HD TV Connection Kit. Promising 4K/30Hz video performance at up to 100 feet away and WiFi integration for casting audio and video using popular solutions such as Airplay, this dual module solution has loads of promise. We put...
  7. Todd Anderson

    CES 2022: Mark Levinson Unveils Its First Headphone Design. Meet the All-New № 5909!

    (January 5, 2022) Here's a nifty CES surprise: Mark Levinson has entered the realm of personal audio. That's right, a company primarily known for its powerful amplifiers is now in the headphone game with a stunning wireless over-ear design. The exciting and fresh № 5909 is loaded to the max...
  8. Todd Anderson

    Atlantic Technology's SKAA Enabled FS-BTWS582 Headphones Delivers Stunning Low-Latency Performance

    (December 7, 2021) Atlantic Technology's latest product rollout features the all-new FS-BTWS582 headphones. Priced at $499, the FS-BTWS582 is built around lightning-fast and practically latency-free SKAA wireless technology. Unlike Bluetooth, SKAA allows the headphones to be used with video...
  9. Todd Anderson

    Bowers & Wilkins Reveals Two New True Wireless Headphones: PI7 and PI5

    (April 21, 2021) Bowers & Wilkins has released two new True Wireless Headphones, the PI7 ($399) and the PI5 ($249). Featuring bold styling, eye-catching accents, and two available colors (white and charcoal), both models offer one-button functionality and the ability to pair with multiple...
  10. Todd Anderson

    Excellent Budget Buy: 1MORE’s Hi-Definition Bluetooth Adapter, A Full Review

    1MORE’s North American presence might be in its infancy, but the company is a giant in the Chinese market, having sold 80-million units during a six-year period before 2020. Thanks to a cache of proprietary technologies and a production process that’s kept entirely in-house, 1MORE leverages...
  11. Todd Anderson

    Atlantic Technology’s Gatecrasher3 PowerBar Delivers Expandable Multichannel Sound and More!

    (March 9, 2021) Atlantic Technology’s product pipeline is seemingly endless, as we’re routinely treated to exciting new reveals. Today, the company is launching a powerful wireless multichannel soundbar that gives owners access to 13 different audio input sources, four different DSP sound modes...
  12. Todd Anderson

    Dirac's Innovate Headphones Advancement Launches Today

    (October 1, 2020) Sweden's Dirac is in the news again, officially launching the availability of a bold new wireless headphones DSP initiative. Before today, enthusiasts could only apply digital sound optimization using an external device or a playback system. Dirac is changing that, becoming the...
  13. Todd Anderson

    Full Review: Monolith MM-3 Powered Multimedia Speaker System

    Monoprice’s advanced lineup of Monolith branded gear has shattered the brand’s low-budget image. Initially launched three years ago, Monolith has earned a solid reputation for delivering affordable enthusiast-grade performance across a range of product categories, including desktop audio. The...
  14. Todd Anderson

    Dayton Audio's Wireless WF150 Stereo Amp.. Unboxed!

    One last unboxing video for the day... this one is from Dayton Audio! Enjoy.
  15. Todd Anderson

    Watch Audioengine's A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Get Unboxed!

    Have a bunch of reviews prepped and ready to go live... time to reveal some unboxing! Here, we see a red version of Audioengine's A2+ Wireless Speakers get cracked open. Review is coming soon!
  16. Todd Anderson

    Cut Your HDMI Cable: DVDO Introduces Two New Wireless Solutions

    Cut Your HDMI Cable: DVDO Introduces Two New Wireless Solutions (DVDO) DVDO's all-new Air 2K wireless transmitter/receiver. (December 10,2018) Discretely installing HDMI cable runs can be a real headache, especially when you need to run a wire from one end of a finished room to another...
  17. Todd Anderson

    Atlantic Technology’s Tantalizing ‘Gatecrasher 1’ Wireless Speaker Ships Soon

    Atlantic Technology’s Tantalizing ‘Gatecrasher 1’ Wireless Speaker Ships Soon (Atlantic Technology) (July 9, 2018) Atlantic Technology is no newcomer to the world of speakers, having entered the design and manufacturing business some four decades ago. The Norwood, Massachusetts company is...
  18. Todd Anderson

    Axiom Audio Announces New Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer Models

    Axiom Audio Announces New Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer Models (Axiom Audio) (January 26, 2018) Axiom Audio is expanding its presence in the high-end wireless space by announcing five new wireless speakers. The company’s new wireless offerings are based on best-selling speaker models in its...
  19. Todd Anderson

    GoldenEar Goes Wireless with Its DigitalAktiv 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker at CES 2018

    GoldenEar Goes Wireless with Its DigitalAktiv 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker at CES 2018 (AV NIRVANA) (January 9, 2018) GoldenEar Technology is officially entering the wireless space, showing its new prototype DigitalAktiv 3 (DA 3) ultra-high-performance compact bookshelf loudspeaker at CES 2018...
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