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  1. Robert Zohn

    Panasonic 2018 flagship UB9000 w/HCX video processor & dynamic conversion adjustment

    Here's some very good Panasonic UB9000 news.... As you all know I work closely with Panasonic and we are factory direct dealers. We wanted to hit a price point that would be compelling for the enthusiasts to be happy with and to attract new clients to the world of high-end streaming and disc...
  2. Robert Zohn

    CE Week NY June 20 - 21, 2018

    I'm a speaker at CE Week 2018's panel discussion titled "Beyond 4K: Improving TV Quality in the Golden Age of Broadband Video". Proud to have my friend, Tim Alessi, Sr. Director, Product Development, LG Electronics on the panel with me. Here's the link to the speaker page, I'm forth down from...
  3. Robert Zohn

    Panasonic UB820/UB9000 w/HCX video processor & dynamic conversion adjustment

    Just received our 1st 820UB. Panasonic USA received a few units for review and included me as the only retailer with a sample! Here's my very early impressions: - Very nice all metal build quality. All connection ports are high-grade and the overall fit and finish is very good. *Note, not...
  4. Robert Zohn

    Value Electronics 2018 TV Shootout Evaluation event

    OK folks I need your advice. We've been planning our 2018 TV Shootout since early January when I attended CES. Up till a few days ago I was planning to put the TV Shootout on in early June. But now that Samsung has announced the new flagship Q9S series and it's been rumored that Sony will...
  5. Robert Zohn

    Sony 2018 OLED A8F Series UHD TVs prices and launch date announced

    We'll began shipping 65A8Fs on March 30 followed by the 55" A8F early April. So we're ahead of schedule for Sony's 2018 OLED A8F series. Here's the launch prices: - XBR-55A8F $2,798 - XBR-65A8F $3,798 Plus we're sweeting up the deal with our A8F launch promotion of an additional 10% Sony...
  6. Robert Zohn

    2018 Samsung flagship 65" and 75" Q9FN

    Check out our dedicated website page on Samsung's new Q9F series of QLED Full Array Locally Dimmed UHD/HDR TVs. Available in 65" and 75" screen sizes w/prices and launch date. I spent a lot of time with this very beautiful TV and the black level and lack of blooming and other unwanted LCD...
  7. Robert Zohn

    2018 LG C8P UHD OLED TVs

    Just built our page for LG's 2018 C8P OLED UHD TV. Launching very soon in 55", 65" and 77" screen sizes. Here's an early copy of the .pdf spec sheet.
  8. Robert Zohn

    Samsung's 2018 49"/55"/65" NU8000 Series UHD TVs

    Just built our page for Samsung's 1st announced 2018 UHD TV, the NU8000 Series. 55" NU8000 is expected to launch week of March 12, 2018 and the 49" and 65" will follow one week later, 3/19. Prices and specs all listed on our new NU8000 page. Here's just a few of the changes Samsung...
  9. Robert Zohn

    Official 2018 Sony X850F TV series, 65", 75" and 85"

    Here's our dedicated page on Sony's new X850F series of 2018 UHD/HDR TVs. All technical specs, .pdf spec sheets, prices, expected launch dates and more are available on our site. Here's a few of the highlights: Sony is using the X1 processor. This series supports HDR10 and HLG HDR and does not...
  10. Robert Zohn

    Sony 2018 TVs X900F Back-lit LED and A8F OLED

    Just put up all of the .pdf technical spec sheets on Sony's new 2018 TVs. The X900F series is upgraded with Sony's flagship X1 Extreme processor that has Dolby Vision capability, better local dimming and a new higher luminance panel. The 2018 X900F series will be available late February in...
  11. Robert Zohn

    Sony X1 Extreme TVs get Dolby Vision upgrade

    Here's the download link to upgrade all X1Extreme processor 2017 Sony TVs. Good for X930E, X940E, Z9D and A1E TVs.
  12. Robert Zohn

    See a new inventive way to wall mount LG's G7

    Check out our latest advancement in wall mounting LG's G7 without the sound bar. We call this "Picture on Glass on Wall" We designed this job to be modern and minimal and the sound bar and depth of the TV just did no work for this room for the look we were going for. So for this application...
  13. Robert Zohn

    New York Audio Show returns to the Park Lane Hotel, Central Park, NYC November 10 - 12, 2017

    Anyone planning on attending the New York Audio Show in NYC? We're exhibiting with two rooms again this year. New York Audio Show returns to New York City, NY from November 10th - 12th 2017. The show will be hosted at the beautiful Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, one of New York’s most...
  14. Robert Zohn

    OLED Art Gallery to be hosted by Value Electronics

    I'm sponsoring a very exciting OLED art gallery in our showroom for 6 weeks from early November through the end of the year. The gallery will showcase the very highly acclaimed fine art photographer, John Singletary. Singletary's work has been exhibited at the James Oliver gallery in...
  15. Robert Zohn

    1 Day Flash Sale on Sony's 75" X900E and 75" X940E ends 9/20/17 at midnight

    XBR-75X900E $2999, XBR-75X940E $3999 ends at 11:59 PM tonight, September 20, 2017. See your favorite Sony Authorized dealer for details and other possible promotions.
  16. Robert Zohn

    OLED industry update

    So much has transpired with the 2017 line-up of OLED TVs. We now have the choice of Sony or LG and most importantly Dolby Vision support has been added to the dynamic frame by frame tone mapping of HDR10 and HLG HDR. A very big shoutout to LGE engineers and management to include the 2016 OLED...
  17. Robert Zohn

    Sony 50 Hour Flash Sale on 49X900E, 49X800E, 55X800E

    Starting tonight at 11pm EST (8pm PST) Sony is subsidizing a 50 hour flash sale on three very popular 2017 TVs Here's the very limited time offer: From 8/18/2017 8pm PST/11pm EST through 8/20/2017 9:59pm PST/1pm EST - XBR-49X900E $200 Instant Rebate to $999 (previously $1199) - XBR-55X800E...
  18. Robert Zohn

    On the heals of great reviews; two big TV Shootout wins and improved production prices drop

    LG and Sony lowered the prices on many of their 2017 UHD OLED TV SRPs. Sony's 65" A1E drops another $500 to now list for $4499 and the 55" A1E drops $300 to $3299 SRP. LG's 77" G7 goes down to $12,999 from yesterday's $15k list and the 65" W7 went down $1k so it now lists for $6999 and the 77"...
  19. Todd Anderson

    LG Electronics Dominates the 2017 TV Shootout

    LG Electronics Dominates the 2017 TV Shootout (CE Week / AV NIRVANA) (July 13, 2017) Experts were in the house for this year’s 2017 TV Shootout (CE Week, New York). Gone were any meaningful audience driven results, ditched in favor of evaluations and – ultimately – awards decided by...
  20. Robert Zohn

    HDR10, Active HDR, Dolby Vision and other HDR schemes

    I'm starting this thread for three reasons. First, it's among the hottest, most discussed, and somewhat misunderstood but highly relevant subject to the new TV System that we are all beginning to embrace with significant growth among novices and enthusiasts alike. Second, we have several HDR...
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