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  1. Robert Zohn

    Next up for 2017, LG launches the 77" G7 Signature Series, new lower price and select dealers

    Just a heads-up to those waiting for the 2017 77" G7 UHD/HDR OLED TV. LG allocated a small allotment of 77" G7s to select authorized dealers. :) More good news, the price is lowered by $2k.
  2. Robert Zohn

    LG's 2017 77" Wallpaper OLED TVs have launched to select dealers

    Just a heads-up to those waiting for the 2017 UHD/HDR OLED TVs. LG allocated a small allotment of 77" W7Ps to select factory direct dealers. Here's one we wall mounted in our showroom This display is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
  3. Robert Zohn

    Value Electronics 2017 TV Shootout Evaluation event will be in NYC, July 12 and July 13, 2017

    We're holding our 2017 TV Shootout TM evaluation event in conjunction with CE Week NY on 7/12 - 13, 2017. Joel Silver of ISF and Kevin Miller of ISF TV will be running the event this year along with Matt and Jeff Murray of AV Pro Store. Joel and Kevin made a significant change to the event...
  4. Robert Zohn

    Sony launches the new 2017 mid year introduction of the UHD/HDR X720E and X690E series

    Sony will launch the two new UHD/HDR series TV series, the X720E and X690E. In the 60" UHD/HDR class the new KD-60X690E at $1,099 and the 70" KD-70X690E for $1,799 will be available at Value Electronics and other select retailers by the end of July. Sony will also launch the new X720E in 43"...
  5. Robert Zohn

    LG promotes the 2017 C7, E7 and G7 with Instant Rebates

    Beginning today through Saturday, May 20th LG is lowering the price of the 55" and 65" C7, E7 and the 65" G7 Signature Series OLED TVs. The news was broken by HD Guru early this morning and although they typically link to Amazon as most other sites do this time we got some love on the 65" and...
  6. Robert Zohn

    Sony's A1E Showcases fine art at the Westwood Gallery

    We're heading over to the Westwood Gallery in lower NYC to see Sony's A1Es exhibit showcasing the world famous artist Kaz Shirane work. Here's the link to Sony's press release on the event. I'll also be there tomorrow and we'd love to see our A/V Nirvana friends at this very special event...
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