1. Todd Anderson

    Trinnov Says Initial Rollout of WaveForming Technology was a Success, Installation Guidelines Expected Soon

    (June 5, 2023) Two home theater heavyweights, StormAudio and Trinnov, have locked horns again, this time in the arena of low-frequency reproduction. Storm and its chosen partner, Dirac, were the first to strike with the reveal of Dirac’s Active Room Treatment (ART) at CES 2023. Storm is...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Trinnov Launches iOS Remote Control App

    (March 23, 2023) Trinnov has announced the availability of a new iOS remote control app for use with its Altitude and Amethyst processors. The app enables control of day-to-day functions for both models when connected to a local network. Trinnov says controls include volume (level, mute...
  3. Todd Anderson

    ARCAM Launches Its New AVR11, AVR21, and AVR32 Receivers and AV41 Processor

    (March 11, 2022) ARCAM, a HARMAN luxury audio brand, has launched four new home theater-centric receiver and processor models. The all-new AVR11, AVR21, and AVR31 receivers, and AV41 processor, are being billed as ARCAM's most comprehensive models to date. The AVR11 and AVR12 both carry seven...
  4. B

    How to Get REW to See 16 Channels From Processor While Windows Limit is 8 Channels

    What driver to use in Windows 10 environment so REW can see 16 channels from an Emotiva RCM-1L processor? If the Dirac Live software installed on a Windows 10 computer can see all the 16 channels why can't REW see the same as Dirac Live does?
  5. Todd Anderson

    StormAudio Drops the Immersive Bomb, Reveals All-New Mark2 Processor and Amp Lineup

    (September 6, 2019) What an incredible day in the world of elite audio. First, we pulled back the curtain on Polk Audio’s stunning Legend Series of speakers, and now we’re getting a first look at StormAudio’s ridiculously gorgeous 2020 processors and amps. StormAudio has emerged as one of the...
  6. Todd Anderson

    Emotiva Audio Launches Its New 16-Channel XMC-2 Processor

    (August 21, 2019) First announced at CES 2019, Emotiva Audio says it’s all-new XMC-2 AV Processor is officially shipping. Competitively priced at $2,999, the XMC-2 is designed to deliver performance factors found on the flagship’s RMC-1 processor for nearly $2,000 less. And while the new...
  7. Matthew J Poes

    Outlaw Audio Model 976 7.2 Surround Processor Review

    The Outlaw Audio Model 976 processor is an exciting and feature-packed home theater processor from a company known for no-nonsense high-value offerings. The 976 is a 7.1 channel surround processor offering high-quality sound, flexible implementation offerings, and a modest price. While it...
  8. J

    Purchasing Advice Needed Yamaha Aventage Line or outlaw 976

    So I recently purchased a 4K TV and with it comes time to update my old Outlaw 990 Processor. Still works, just time for an upgrade. I have a 7 channel 200 W amp, so I really don't need power. Budget is around $1,000 Could go $1,200 but no more. I have sort of settled on either going with...
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