1. Todd Anderson

    Sennheiser's Conversation Clear Plus Earbuds: A Complete Review

    We've all been there. A busy restaurant overwhelmed by chatter, a crowded reception blanketed in elevated ambient noise, and the impossible task of following every word of a conversation. Sennheiser's answer to the problem is a wearable called Conversation Clear Plus. This earbud-style listening...
  2. Todd Anderson

    HED UNITY and HEAR360 Join Forces to Bring Movement Activated Spatial Audio to the Unity Headphone

    (January 25, 2024) HED UNITY, a Swiss company defined by its first product, Unity, a headphone that streams lossless audio via Wi-Fi, has announced a strategic partnership with HEAR360, an outfit specializing in spatial audio solutions. The collaboration finds HED's powerful streaming approach...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Monster's Blaster 3.0 Reviewed

    Having been on the market for over a year, Monster’s Blaster 3.0 isn’t a new kid on the block, but it’s not exactly old hat either. Today, we’re taking a closer look at a boombox-style wireless speaker with a familiar brand name and plenty of modern flair. To spice things up, this portable...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch Celebrates Three US Music Destinations with Its Music City Series of Bluetooth Speakers

    (October 31, 2023) Tapping the allure of history and heritage, Klipsch has named its latest portable speaker lineup – the Music City Series – after three iconic music towns: Detroit, Austin, and Nashville. With portability placed at the forefront, each model in the series offers a unique take on...
  5. Todd Anderson

    Made for the Workout Junkie, Monster's DNA FIT Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

    Monster, you say? That’s still a thing? Believe it or not, the brand is very much alive, though these days, its products are primarily developed and manufactured by licensees and approved in-house. Having flourished through the 80s and 90s as a premium, high-dollar cable manufacturer and...
  6. Todd Anderson

    HED Technologies' Unity Headphones Brings Lossless Wi-Fi Music to Your Ears

    (April 18, 2023) Milled from a single block of 6063 architectural-grad aluminum alloy, HED Technologies' new closed-back Unity headphones flexes some serious tech muscle. With a price tag of $2,199, buyers should certainly expect more than your general run-of-the-mill wireless experience, and...
  7. Todd Anderson

    THX and Homatics Develop a Home Theater System for the Pay-TV Market

    (April 14, 2023) Later this spring, Homatics is delivering an intriguing product to the pay-TV cable and satellite TV market. Designed in coordination with THX Ltd., the Home Click 5.4.4 wireless speaker system is crafted to turn a room with a TV into a true home theater experience. There are...
  8. SVS Prime Wireless Pro.png

    SVS Prime Wireless Pro.png

  9. Travis Ballstadt

    ifi Zen Air Blue HiRes Wireless Streaming Receiver

    Let’s face it. Streaming music is here to stay. It’s convenient, it’s easy, and the quality has come a long way. But sometimes you want to stream your music without upgrading the 2-channel music system you’ve carefully built over the years. These days there are a huge number of ways to stream...
  10. Todd Anderson

    UK-Based Mitchell Acoustics Crosses the Pond, Begins Offering Audio Lineup in US Market

    (October 24, 2022) Mitchell Acoustics says it's eyeing the US market with one mission in mind: bring back stereo listening for everyone without crushing the wallet. Offering both wireless Bluetooth speakers and turntables, Mitchell Acoustics’ audio products have been developed for casual and...
  11. Todd Anderson

    Lithe Audio Shows Wireless In-Ceiling Speakers, Its New iO One, and More at CEDIA 2022

    (October 8, 2022) Britan's Lithe Audio made its U.S. and CEDIA Expo debut at CEDIA 2022. The company makes unique, professional-grade wireless audio solutions, including three different models of all-in-one Bluetooth ceiling speakers, the all-new IO One multi-functional on-wall, and a wireless...
  12. Todd Anderson

    SVS Debuts In-Wall Subwoofer, New Pro Wireless Speaker and Pro SoundBase Amp at CEDIA 2022

    (October 7, 2022) Audio industry veterans, SVS, are no strangers to incredible audio. Not one to waste an opportunity, the popular company entered its first CEDIA Expo with an all-new In-Wall speaker and outboard amp, and a new Pro Series Bluetooth wireless speaker and Pro SoundBase amp...
  13. Todd Anderson

    Sweden’s Sudio Launches E2 Wireless Earphones with Dirac Virtuo Spatial Audio

    (March 9, 2022) Leave it to a name like Dirac to spike a new product launch with excitement and a sense of intrigue. Recently, Sweeden’s Sudio announced the availability of an all-new flagship true wireless stereo earphone called the E2. Beyond offering buyers access to active noise cancellation...
  14. Todd Anderson

    MIXXTAPE Draws on Nostalgia, Reinvents the Cassette

    (November 22, 2019) Here's a bit of fun AV news to digest on this rather dreary Friday morning. An upstart audio company called Mixxim has introduced a retro-looking (yet assuredly high-tech) player and multi-streaming device called MIXXTAPE. Of course, the allure of MIXXTAPE is immediately...
  15. Todd Anderson

    iFi’s Affordable 'Zen Blue' is a True Bluetooth Wizard

    (September 26, 2019) Southport, UK’s iFi Audio has unleashed a unique Hi-Res device crafted to introduce quality Bluetooth streaming into any audio system with digital or analog inputs. It’s called ZEN Blue (£129, $129) and marks the first of a new class of iFi products designed with top-shelf...
  16. Todd Anderson

    Full Review: Monolith MM-3 Powered Multimedia Speaker System

    Monoprice’s advanced lineup of Monolith branded gear has shattered the brand’s low-budget image. Initially launched three years ago, Monolith has earned a solid reputation for delivering affordable enthusiast-grade performance across a range of product categories, including desktop audio. The...
  17. Todd Anderson

    UNBOXED: Monoprice's Monolith MM-3 Multimedia Speaker!

    This is next up on the chopping block for reviews... speaker looks GREAT. Stay tuned for the sound evaluation!
  18. Todd Anderson

    Dayton Audio’s Small but Mighty DTA-PRO Amp Officially Launches

    Dayton Audio’s Small but Mighty DTA-PRO Amp Officially Launches (February 27, 2019) Another week, another Dayton Audio product launch. Yesterday, the budget friendly company announced the official release of its DTA-PRO 2.1-channel portable amplifier. This feature rich amp is super compact...
  19. Todd Anderson

    Kanto Audio's TUK Wows the Ears During Its Stellar CES Debut

    Kanto Audio's TUK Wows the Ears During Its Stellar CES Debut (January 18, 2019) Here’s a great CES 2019 find: an all-new active stereo speaker called TUK. Designed by Canada’s Kanto Audio, TUK carries a range of technologies that give it seriously interesting performance capabilities...
  20. Todd Anderson

    Fyssion Little Diva Bluetooth Speaker Prototype

    I was recently shipped a prototype of a specialty Bluetooth speaker from a NC speaker company called Fyssion. It's boxed up and being shipped back... but I wanted to share some photos. It's an interesting speaker that has some real potential – I'll keep my impressions and feedback private, but...
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