1. S

    Calibrating multichannel AVP/AVR system with Audiolense

    I want to share my experience and what I have learned through the calibration process of my 7.1 AVP system using REW and Audiolense XO. I think I finally managed to get the most out of my room and the equipment I got. It was a tedious and lengthy process to experience what and how to do PC-based...
  2. W

    Audiolense 2.1 Setup creates an excess 4th correction – "Correction: Sub Woofer Front Center - Sub"

    Hello there, I am trying to configure a 2.1 filter with crossover at 65Hz in Audiolense 6.20 and I keep getting an extra correction for the subwoofer called "Correction: Sub Woofer Front Center - Sub" (green) where what I assume is the correct subwoofer correction "Correction: Sub Woofer Front...
  3. T

    Sine Sweep Clipping duing Measurement

    Hello, I downloaded AL today and am trying to get my first measurement in. It is in 2.0 configuration. However; every time I run a measurement I experience clipping. Both the sine sweep itself and the Check Connections clip. I ran the .wav sine sweep files in the measurement directory where...
  4. jtwrace

    My Audiolense Experience (JBL M2)

    In 2019, I purchased Audiolense XO to try. Long story short, I couldn't get it to work due to an odd error I kept getting. Fast forward to 7 months ago when I interviewed Mitch on my podcast here. The more we talked, the more I wanted to try Audiolense. After the podcast Mitch asked me if I...
  5. Goliath Speakers In A Matchbox Apartment

    Goliath Speakers In A Matchbox Apartment

    I apoligize for the clutter but firstly I like to show off all my equipment plus in a 40sq metre apartment this is the best I can do. This is essentially my living room or family room. I have set up two different systems one for watching television but also music, based on a wide dispersion...
  6. Todd Anderson

    AV NIRVANA Welcomes Audiolense, Will Host Software’s Official User Forum

    (January 5, 2021) With 2020 in the rearview mirror, AV NIRVANA is kicking off a fresh new year with an exciting announcement. Audiolense is migrating its official User Forum to AV NIRVANA and can now be found within the “Audio Video Processing, Setup & Environment” section of the site...
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