Goliath Speakers In A Matchbox Apartment

PA speakers and Wide Dispersion


I apoligize for the clutter but firstly I like to show off all my equipment plus in a 40sq metre apartment this is the best I can do. This is essentially my living room or family room.

I have set up two different systems one for watching television but also music, based on a wide dispersion speaker the Troel 3WC and a triamped system using Audiolense DSP for crossovers with directivity controlled high frequency and a 15inch in a SBB4 alignment(DIY ofcoure). The Marantz(connected to Troel 3WC) although not the best measuring preamp offers Audyssey Dynamic volume and EQ on the fly which I can't do without when watching television, makes it easy to toggle when listening to music then back to television this beats switching between a well measuring preamp and back to the Marantz for television.

The Denon is a back up AVR with the PSB speakers, and with the Troel 3WC providing a perfect phantom image and superior sound compared to the PSB speakers the centre speaker and the PSB set up is not used(neither is the Denon connected to it) although it did me good for a entry level set up. I will be making a centre Troel 3WC which will give me Marantz AV7005 > NC502MP > Troel 3WC including centre > Dual SVS SB1000 Subs

My triamp system

PC > Jriver > Audiolense DSP Active Speaker System Tri amped > NADC510(Compression Driver Horn)/ 2 SMSL SU-8 DAC's(Mid Woofer and Sub) > NADC356(CD Horn)/Two Hypex NC122MP In BTL config for each (15inch Mid Woofer)/JSL900Watt CLassT/D amp(Sub) > B&CDE250/Eminence Deltalite 15inch/Dual DIY Dayton Driver RSS315HO 12" Sub (.41 QTC)

I also have my room heavily treated with a decay between .2 and .5 and side panels for first reflection points. I have a goal of adding some type of RPG panels onto the side panels to add some reflections in the room, in particular at the lateral first reflection points. On my triamp system my 15 inch has a slow roll off with about -15 db at 50hz giving me bass down low as well as my dedicated dual subs so it cranks hard.

For future, when the centre Troel 3WC is added this will give me 5 front speakers which I will set up for surround sound using the massive speakers for left right and the Troel for centre and front wide L/R. I am aware matching the front speakers is important but with DSP tonal image will be similar and I am confident I will get a top notch system on the premise I enjoy the surround option that is.

Misc. Equipment
Dats V3
Marchand XM66 Electronic Crossover
DBX Crossover
Little Bear MC103 Multi Changer XLR selector
Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Topping D10(connects PC to AVR)


Wow, impressive. That takes a lot of space considering your small area where it is located. Amazing. Looks good. :)
Wow, impressive. That takes a lot of space considering your small area where it is located. Amazing. Looks good. :)

Thanks. I work from home so I enjoy the setup with the TV as my computer monitor. Plus, I got a basement where I make my speakers so all in one package. Just lucky the wife is patient.

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