Tight Living Room in Texas

Fitting a bunch of old equipment into a room that was really not designed for a sound system


My living room is an exercise in how to get good sound using solid, long-lasting components. The heart of the system is a pair of Infinity RS-3000 speakers I was given when we got married. I had to refoam them a few years back, but they still sound great. I picked up a JBL CSS10 sub a few weeks ago to replace a Klipsch I moved to the bedroom. These are driven by a Yamaha RX-V661. This amp is old enough to have S-video inputs, but new enough to support HDMI. On top of the cabinet are the youngsters. There is an XBox One X doing Bluray and streaming duty, along with a Leelbox for on-air TV and streaming. Then there is a stack of old, great sounding, legacy equipment. At the top is a ten-disk Sony CDP-C90ES. I lusted after this decades ago, but got it free about a year ago when a local estate sale just gave everything left away. Next is the Yamaha KX-800U three head tape deck. This is the toughest deck I have ever seen. I bought it new in 1988. A couple of years ago, I took it to the local electronics repair place for a tune-up - its first. They found nothing wrong with it! Last, but not least, is my tank of an S-VHS VCR, a JVC HR-S6800U. I had to recap the power supply, but it just keeps running and the rubber never dies. I plan to get some rear, and maybe side, speakers to properly use the surround system. Until then, it already sounds great.
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Sweet! :T

Love the fact that you're using lots of legacy gear. A Yamaha tape deck... VHS... and that ten disk Sony CD changer. There's a certain beauty in sticking with what you have and enjoying things on your own terms. The only thing I'd change is the RX-V661... for no other reason than to bring HDMI into the mix.

Thanks for sharing this MAD! Great!
The RX-V661 was carefully selected. It is old enough to have a phono, S-VHS, and component video inputs, but new enough to have HDMI. I can plug it all into it. It only has 2 HDMI inputs, though, so I sometimes wish I had another one when I plug my computer into it. The X-Box and digital TV box take up the two inputs. I usually just unplug the TV box and use it to plug in the computer. This is the configuration you see in the above picture. The laptop is hiding the X-Box and TV box.

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