1. Todd Anderson

    CES 2022: Meet JBL's New 4305P Powered Studio Monitor and SUB80P Powered Subwoofer!

    (January 4, 2022) HARMAN Luxury Audio has arrived at CES 2022 with two new JBL speaker designs: a powered studio monitor and a lifestyle subwoofer. The 4305P Studio Monitor is the first powered product in JBL's Studio Monitor range. Despite being the most compact model in the series, the 4305P...
  2. Tom L.

    JBL STAGE A130 2-way Bookshelf Speakers – Full Review!

    The Review "Back in the day" (Mid-Seventies) … I had plenty of opportunities to work with, and listen to, a full range of JBL speakers. From large-scale PA systems to home stereo systems and studio monitors, I had the chance to work with it all. My impressions, at that time, were of speakers...
  3. Todd Anderson

    JBL Reveals Two New Speakers with Retro Flair: The L75ms Music System and L52 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeakers

    (August 5, 2021) JBL hit this year’s ProSource Summer Conference with two new product announcements in hand. Both are scheduled to hit the market in Q4 2021, just in time for the holidays. First up is an all-new lifestyle speaker called the L75ms Music System. With a walnut wood veneer...
  4. Todd Anderson

    JBL’s SA750 Integrated and ARCAM’s ST60 Streamer Receive Roon Ready Status

    (June 24, 2021) Two well-known HARMAN brands, JBL and ARCAM, have announced Roon Ready status for key models in their AV arsenals. Roon Ready can only be claimed by network-capable devices with Roon’s streaming technology built-in, allowing for a seamless discovery and connection process to Roon...
  5. Tight Living Room in Texas

    Tight Living Room in Texas

    My living room is an exercise in how to get good sound using solid, long-lasting components. The heart of the system is a pair of Infinity RS-3000 speakers I was given when we got married. I had to refoam them a few years back, but they still sound great. I picked up a JBL CSS10 sub a few weeks...
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