Mike-48 audio-only room, system, and cat

Basement room with audio gear and cat


Dedicated listening room built in our basement, with Quiet Rock. Dimensions (ft) 12.5 w, 7.0 h, 20.5 l. Acoustics by GIK, ASC, RPG, Vicoustic.

Top photo: View from behind listening seat. Janszen Valentina speakers, Bryston 4B3 amplifier.

front wall.jpg

Bottom photo: Rear of room (angle view), showing equipment rack, two JL Audio F112 subwoofers, GIK Soffit Traps, and ASC Cinema Panels on ceiling. Blue squares on central acoustic panel are tape, used to help align speakers repeatably (with laser level).

Components not yet mentioned are Auralic Aries G1 stream receiver, Simaudio 260D CD transport, Anthem STR Preamp, and Furman IT-Reference 15i power filter.


This looks waaaay awesome, Mike!!

I'm curious to know if you performed many acoustic measurements to arrive at your final treatment setup...it all looks very strategically placed.
I wish I had the time/space/funds to accomplish what you have!
@Grayson - I have found measurements (except of reverb time and similar) of very little use in assessing treatments. I followed basic principles (bass traps in corners, killing slap echo, damping 1st reflections) and my own curiosity. That's one big reason for the gallery system used to hang most of the treatments. They've been moved many times! About 25-50% of what you see was reused from my previous room.
Thank you, Mike. I do need to get out more and am known to drop in on my fellow audio enthusiasts when I do!
Thanks, all, for the great comments. Getting the room built was a painstaking project, and I'm happy that it came out so well. It started as unfinished basement, was an echo chamber after the walls and ceiling were put in, and because usable for music only after I added all the acoustic treatments. With some experimentation (and DSP), it wound up a very satisfying music room. A couple of years after the room was built, a toxicity problem arose from bad flooring and affected our entire house. With a great deal of research and energy (and near panic at times), we fixed that. For me, this room is the culmination of 55 yrs of audiophilia -- and a very pleasant place to spend an evening.
Ian - We had to tear up and discard all the engineered cork flooring and the underlayment beneath it, which is what released the toxic substance into the concrete slab. Then we ground down the concrete by a few mm, which fortunately removed the toxic material. We treated the concrete with a densifier, then installed flooring that would let water vapor pass -- synthetic felt pad and synthetic carpeting. We have a dehumidifier running to dry the air, to prevent any mold from growing in the walls. (It can be turned off when I'm listening.)

None of that was easy, but tracking down the problem and finding a solution were the real puzzles. In the latter, I was fortunate to receive help from an expert in below-grade flooring, a fellow in Georgia (USA) whom I located via his Web site.

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