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    SVS Goes Wire-Free with Its All-New Prime Wireless SoundBase and Prime Wireless Speakers

    (SVS) The all-new Prime Wireless SoundBase begins shipping soon.

    (October 3, 2018) One of the more intriguing home theater surprises at CES 2018 came from SVS, which hit the Vegas strip with prototype versions of several new wireless products. And thus, the company officially signaled its intention to attack a rapidly expanding wireless segment that’s become impossible for traditional speaker manufacturers to ignore. Two of those products – Prime Wireless SoundBase and the Prime Wireless Speaker System – were officially granted pre-order status today, warranting a closer look at what SVS has finalized for delivery to its valued customer base.

    First up, we have the Prime Wireless SoundBase (3.23" H x 9.10" W x 8.81" D, 4.89 lbs), a potently powerful and functionally miniaturized wireless audio component. This device, which the company refers to as a “dual-threat,” can be used to instantly transform a pair of passive speakers into wireless performers. Packing a powerful punch, SoundBase houses the ability to deliver 150 watts per channel (4 ohms) via its onboard 300 watt amplifier, with an additional boost of a single subwoofer output for use with any powered sub.

    Sound quality is driven by SoundBase’s internal 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converter, which opens up a world of exacting Hi-Res audio performance. A range of audio sources can be tapped via RCA and digital optical inputs, Ethernet, and a 3.5mm mini-stereo jack, or through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with aptX, and AAC for Hi-Res streaming. And music can be natively sourced through DTS’s Play-Fi app (iOS/Android), which also delivers mobile device and Alexa voice controls, along with multi-room operation. That means owners can access the likes of Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, Amazon Music, TIDAL, and more. And the presence of Bluetooth opens additional doors to music sourced from any capable handheld device.

    The versatility of SoundBase is certainly impressive. Owners can integrate it into an existing AV system through connection to an AVR, or pair it with speakers it in various areas of a home for single or multi-Zone wireless playback (multi-room arrangements can incorporate 32 different Play-Fi enabled products – including those manufactured by different brands – across 16 different Zones). In addition, playback functionality is enhanced by six front-mounted preset buttons that deliver instant device-free access to favorites sourced from streaming service playlists and Internet Radio stations.

    (SVS) SVS's new high-performance Prime Wireless Speaker
    The Prime Wireless SoundBase is priced at $499.99 and is expected to begin shipping the week of October 22.

    Next, we have the Prime Wireless Speaker System ($599.99/pair), which is also expected to begin shipping the week of October 22. Much like SoundBase, the speaker is sized for convenience (10.24" H x 6.10” W x 7" D), weighing a manageable 9.55 lbs (active speaker) and 8.73 lbs (passive speaker).

    Prime Wireless shares quite of bit of common tech with SoundBase, including an onboard Hi-Res audio capable 192kHz/24-bit DAC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with aptX, and AAC wireless connectivity, six front panel wireless presets, and all that comes with the above described app-controlled DTS Play-Fi functionality (including Alexa voice control and access to streaming services). And, yes, Prime Wireless speakers can be used as a stereo pair or part of a larger multi-room wireless system.

    Sonically speaking, Prime Wireless utilizes a 200-watt Class D amp (50 x 4 channels) paired with a digital crossover embedded within onboard DSP. The amp is designed to separately drive a stereo pair’s 1” aluminum dome tweeters and 4.5” polypropylene midrange drivers in a wired master/slave configuration, delivering performance between 52Hz and 25kHz. While bass output is natively boosted by a 1” rear-firing port, the speaker also carries a subwoofer output that’s managed by an active 80Hz low pass filter.

    The speaker’s FEA-optimized cabinet and bracing is designed eliminate resonances, while its acoustically transparent cloth grille affixes to the speaker using a pin/cup retention system. Optional 3mm stick-on bumper feet ship with the speaker; SVS only offers Prime Wireless in a Piano Gloss Black exterior finish.

    AV NIRVANA looks forward to putting SVS’s new products to the test. For more information and detailed specs, visit


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