Rocksteady Audio's Stadium Portable Sound System - Real World Review

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Rocksteady Audio Stadium Portable Sound System
Very easy to setup and configure, infinitely expandable, impressively capable subwoofer, stable connection to device.
This is a great solution to covering a large area with music that sounds good and can make everyone happy - but you still have to make the playlist!
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As the weather warms up and we start leading more active lifestyles, it's often a challenge to find a good way to keep the music playing. Look no further! The Rocksteady Audio Stadium Portable Sound System packs a solid wallop in a small package. It's easy to configure, infinitely expandable, simple to use, and it sounds great.

As a fan of tailgating and a fan of music, it's historically always fallen upon me to provide the music at our tailgates, which is the hardest job out there. It's been pretty much impossible to please everyone all of the time. It's either too loud, too soft, can't hear it here, can't have a conversation there. And don't get me started on the playlist.

Rocksteady Audio reached out to see if I wanted to review their Stadium Portable Sound System, and with spring on the horizon, I jumped at the chance. They shipped out a set of speakers that included four of the 2-way full-range speakers and a single subwoofer. These speakers are available individually or in various bundles, so you can pick and choose just what you need, and you can easily expand your system over time. Or better yet, as your tailgate grows, just have everyone buy a couple on their own and quickly pair them all together on site without any hassle.

How did they sound? Watch the video below!

Rocksteady Audio Stadium Portable Sound System
  • Subwoofer: 5" Driver, 6 1/2 Passive Radiator
  • Subwoofer Amp Power: 30w
  • Subwoofer Frequency Response: 30Hz-350Hz
  • 2-Way Speaker: 1" Tweeter, 2 1/2" Mid-Bass, 3" Passive Radiators (x2)
  • Speaker Amp Power: 30w
  • Speaker Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0


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Apr 2, 2017
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Pretty cool system... and excellent review Travis.
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