Portrait Displays & TCL Europe Deliver Elevated TV Experience with New Calman Ready C72+ and C82 TVs


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Apr 4, 2017
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Via Portrait Press Release:

Pleasanton, CA USA – Portrait Displays, global leader in color calibration solutions and advanced display control has teamed up with TCL Electronics, one of the largest mass-market consumer electronics companies, to bring Calman Ready to the brand-new European model TCL C72+ and C82 TVs.

Time after time, TCL has reinforced its leading position in the global consumer electronics industry by introducing state-of-the-art technologies to market. Their products are always designed to deliver a comprehensive range of entertainment and exceptional audio-visual performance. The latest TCL C72+ and C82 TVs are held to this same standard, producing genuine, cinematic picture quality with Quantum Dot and MiniLED technology for greater overall depth, detail, and dimension.

TCL C72+ and C82 TVs have been developed to be Calman Ready. The displays are integrated with the power to communicate directly with Portrait Displays’ renowned Calman software and the capabilities to perform quick, precise, and automated calibrations. Calman users will have access to customized workflows and the revolutionary Aurora Color Engine to ensure that their TCL display produces optimized image quality for long-term use.

The TCL C72+ and C82 TVs will also give consumers the option to utilize Calman’s AutoCal feature, in which the calibration workflow process is pre-programmed. AutoCal is not only much faster but delivers consistent and reliable results.

"Thanks to Portrait Displays’ leading auto-calibration software and 17x17x17 3D LUT, our 2021 premium LCD TV sets can fully utilize the calibration capabilities for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, and SDR formats. Now, up to 4934 calibration points can be used to help professional calibrators and consumers quickly enjoy on-screen images with little color error," said Marek Maciejewski, Product Development Director, Europe, TCL.

"By integrating Calman Ready with the new QLED TV C72+ Series and MiniLED TV C82 Series, calibration is made into an easy, consistent, and automated experience for customers around the globe," said Eric Brumm, President & CEO, Portrait Displays. "We’re looking forward to putting Calman in living rooms and studios alongside TCL’s remarkable products."

Calman Ready TCL C72+ and C82 TVs will be supported in an upcoming Calman 2021 software update.

To learn more about the TCL C72+ and C82 TVs, click here.

To learn more about Portrait Displays’ Calman Integrated Solutions, click here.​
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