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    Polk Audio Debuts Its New HTS10 and HTS12 Subwoofer Models

    Polk's new HTS12 on display at CEDIA 2017

    (September 25, 2017) Polk Audio hit CEDIA 2017 with several new speaker models, including two new gorgeous subwoofers. The new HTS10 and HTS12 not only look good, but sport impressive build quality and wallet-friendly price tags.

    "Tight bass is an incredibly important factor to any audio system. Our HTS Subwoofers provide increased amplification, improved driver construction and great dynamic range, all factors that are going to completely amaze and delight listeners,” said Michael Greco, global brand director, Polk Audio. “When it comes to subwoofers, efficiency and accuracy are absolutely crucial to deliver clean, chest-thumping bass. This is why we chose to leverage Polk’s PowerPort technology for the HTS Subwoofers—it dramatically reduces port turbulence and noise while preserving depth and clarity.”

    Polk’s “PowerPort” technology has been incorporated into the company’s speakers for years, but its never been used on a subwoofer. By design, a PowerPort is essentially a cone situated at the mouth of a port. Its placement is such that it funnels and directs air as it exits the port promoting smooth airflow, a reduction of port noise, and a more accurate bass response.

    The HTS10 ($349) is a 10” front-firing design with a bottom-mounted floor-firing port. It features a Class D amplifier (100 Watts continuous, 200 Watts peak), with controls for volume, low pass filter, phase correction, and a 12V trigger. The HTS10’s modern looking cabinet is constructed with Meddite MDF and is available in both Washed Black Walnut and Classic Brown Walnut finishes. Overall frequency response is specified to be 30Hz – 120Hz (-3dB).

    The HTS12 ($449) offers double the amp power (200 Watts continuous, 400 Watts peak) and a larger 12” driver. It also delivers better low-end performance, digging down to 28Hz (-3dB).

    Polk says both models feature cabinets outfitted with “extra bracing to ensure a more life-like sound…reducing unwanted standing waves for less coloration.”

    The HTS10 and HTS12 are available for purchase now.

    Frequency Response: HTS12 delivers 22Hz – 180Hz (- 10dB)/28Hz – 120Hz (- 3 dB); HTS10 
delivers 25Hz to 180Hz (- 10dB)/30Hz to 120Hz (- 3dB) 

    Amplification: Class D amplifier produces 100W continuous/200W Peak and 200W 
continuous/400W Peak (<1% THD) for both the 10-and 12-inch subwoofers, respectively 

    Amplifier Supply Voltage: Dual voltage Auto-Switching Power Supply: 110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 

    Toggle: Set to DC Control (12V trigger) or Auto On/Off 

    Inputs: LFE In and gold-plated RCA line level inputs 

    Phase Adjustment: Toggle Switch 0/180 degrees 

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