OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi DAC Preview

The OPPO company has a way of tickling my interest with their product announcements. They did so with the HA-1 DAC / Headphone Amp a few years back, and again with the recently-introduced Sonica speaker. So the new OPPO Sonica Wi-Fi DAC announcement, appearing to be a synergy of these two products, tickled-forth a particularly big smile.

The Sonica concept is centered as much on the free Sonica app as on the Sonica hardware it works with. The app gathers all sources - streaming and file-based - and brings them all to your Sonica device via lossless Wi-Fi connection for your Sonica-sonic listening pleasure. The Sonica Wi-Fi DAC review will soon be available on AV NIRVANA for your Sonica-reading pleasure. Be ready to get tickled.
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