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    Onkyo Releases Two New Wallet-Friendly Stereo Receivers (TX-8260, TX-8220)

    (Onkyo) The new TX-8260 Network Stereo Receiver

    (August 29, 2017) Onkyo is jumping head first into CEDIA-season by announcing two new stereo receiver models. The highly affordable TX-8820 ($299) and slightly more expensive TX-8260 ($499) are set to begin shipping sometime in mid-September.

    The more robust of the two receivers, the TX-8260, is designed to deliver user convenience, presenting enthusiasts with numerous ways to enjoy instant access to their favorite music and media. The unit is loaded with robust network and multi-room audio options, highlighted by Chromecast built-in, FireConnect, and the powerful DTS Play-Fi platform. Both Chromecast and DTS Play-Fi allow for wireless streaming of a variety of music sources, while Play-Fi opens the doors for wireless streaming to compatible devices and speakers for a true whole-house audio experience. Multi-room performance is further enhanced by FireConnect, which allows the TX-8260 to wirelessly playback connected digital and analog sources (including a turntable) to FireConnect enabled speakers.

    The TX-8260 also carries AirPlay functionality, which allows users to play music via iTunes and other compatible apps.

    Internally, the TX-8260 is anchored by an amp section capable of delivering 80 Watts per channel (8 Ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 2 Channels Driven), bolstered by discrete output transistors, non-phase-shift amp circuitry, and a massive custom-built El transformer. Overall sound quality is enhanced by digital-to-analog processing performed by an AKM AK4452VN chip (supporting 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Audio and Direct DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz).

    The backside of the unit’s classic looking exterior sports gold-plated speaker posts, a single subwoofer pre-out, an Ethernet port, seven different Line In options (including phono), and assignable optical inputs. The front side carries a large green LED display, an input selection knob, tone controls, a large volume selector, and various other usability controls.

    The step-down TX-8820 ships without the 8260’s strong network capabilities, but includes Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming. It also presents dual speaker posts for wired two-zone audio playback.

    The 8820’s amp section delivers 45 Watts per channel (8 Ohms, 2 Channels Driven), with sound quality boosted by a PCM1754 192K/24-Bit digital to analog chip. An onboard MM Phono input opens up access to the world of vinyl, while a range of other analog and digital audio inputs complete decent connectivity options.

    For more information about either stereo amp, visit Onkyo on the web.
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