On the Next AV NIRVANA Live: Unfolded Circle Joins the Stream to Talk About Its New Remote 3!


(June 13, 2024) This Sunday, June 16th, Unfolded Circle will join Travis Ballstadt and AV NIRVANA Live to discuss its new Remote 3. Remote 3 is encased in a more compact and beautiful body but is also packed with new features. This is the next product in Unfolded Circle’s lineup after Remote Two, and it's already finding its way into the hands of happy customers.

“We introduced Remote Two three years ago on Kickstarter with overwhelming success. The global pandemic and chip shortage slowed down the development at that point, but we pulled through and delivered to every backer before the end of 2023 and many more customers afterwards.” said Marton Borzak, Unfolded Circle’s CEO and Head of Design. “With Remote 3 we’re taking the next step towards creating a companion for smart homes and home theatres with local control and privacy in focus.”

Join the AV NIRVANA Live stream to catch up with other members, hear about the Remote 3, and ask your questions!

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See you there!
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