Next Level Acoustics Launches Performance Laced Custom Enclosure for the SONOS ARC


(October 21, 2020) Premium customization is nothing new to Next Level Acoustics, and its latest targeted release proves the company has a knack for making great-looking products that value performance. The all-new Elite Series for Sonos ARC is being billed as Next Level’s “most engineered Elite Series enclosure to date” and can be purchased in Matte Black, High Gloss Piano Black, and a range of custom colors, veneers, and stain finishes.

Like other Elite Series Sonos enclosures, this latest model is made to order, allowing customers to purchase an enclosure that’s the exact width of any display 65” or larger. In addition to a custom finish, the enclosure’s MDF and Baltic Birch cabinet features tapered ends, a wrap-around cut-out to accommodate a TV’s badge or infrared sensor, and a custom color magnetic grille. The grille’s mesh weave material supports full IR passthrough.

Beyond its attractive looks, the enclosure takes SONOS ARC’s sonic capabilities into consideration by incorporating an interior reflector that redirects sound waves from the soundbar's 20-degree upward-firing drivers. This calculated grooved panel ensures Atmos functionality remains intact, keeping the speakers from firing directly into the top of the enclosure. Another set of reflectors mounted on the ends redirect sound waves from the soundbar’s side-firing speakers for a better surround sound experience. Additional acoustic measures, such as strategically placed sound damping material, allow the Elite Series enclosure to elegantly conceal a SONOS ARC without hampering sound quality.

Owners can mount the enclosure directly to a wall or by using Next Level Acoustics UM1 bracket. For more information about the Elite Series for SONOS ARC and other Next Level products, visit


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