New Monolith M1000ANC Headphones Feature Dirac Virtuo and 60 Hours of Playback Time


(March 17, 2022) Today, Monoprice is launching a new Monolith branded headphone called M1000ANC, an over-ear closed-back design enhanced by Dirac's Virtuo technology. Priced at $129.99, the M1000ANC doesn't stray from Monoprice's Monolith reputation of offering tempting performance at a desirable price point.

Delivering listeners high levels of comfort with a lightweight padded headband and pivoting memory foam earcups, the M1000ANC is designed for long listening sessions. The phones' onboard battery offers up to 60 hours of music playback time on a single charge (USB-C charging), with a quick five-minute charge instantly providing an additional two hours of playback. That power provides access to Bluetooth 5 connectivity while fueling high-quality 40mm drivers. The addition of Dirac Virtuo enhances the playback experience by expanding the sound stage far beyond the physical limitations of the headphones, allowing listeners to hear their music in a more immersive, natural-sounding way.

“Though spatial audio is becoming mainstream, most consumed content is still stereo,” stated Lars Isaksson, Dirac’s Head of Business Development, Streaming & Headphones. “Dirac Virtuo turns this stereo content into a high-quality immersive sound experience with an accurate soundstage and perfected sound quality. With Dirac Virtuo, Monolith M1000ANC customers will experience an expanded soundscape that includes all spatial cues of the original stereo content – as if it were coming from a pair of high-end home speakers. Monoprice, like Dirac, is a pioneer in audio industry and we look forward to continued collaboration that creates premium, high-quality listening experiences for consumers worldwide.”

The M1000ANC's Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) promises up to 35dB of noise reduction, suppressing environmental noise contamination for a better listening experience. By placing a hand over the earcup, ambient mode activates, letting outside noise in so listeners can hear conversations and their surroundings. The M1000ANC also carries Qualcomm Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression technology for crystal clear calls.

Monoprice ships the M1000ANC headphones with a carrying bag, USB-C charging cable, and 3.5mm audio cable. To purchase, visit

Monolith M1000ANC Specifications
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Bluetooth Chipset: BES2300Y
  • Bluetooth Frequency: 2.402 - 2.480GHz
  • Audio Codec: SBC
  • ANC Hi Noise Reduction: 35dB
  • ANC Low Noise Reduction: 20dB
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Charge Connector: USB-C
  • Playback Time ANC Off: 60 Hours
  • Playback Time ANC On: 40 Hours
  • Total Charge Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Weight: 9.3oz (263g)
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