NAD Electronics Preps to Launch Its New C 379 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier at HIGH END Munich


(May 3, 2024) NAD Electronics will use the HIGH END Munich International Audio Show to introduce the latest addition to its Classic Series, the C 379 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier. Priced at $1,099 and set to hit the shelves by the end of June 2024, the C 379 looks to be another solid installment in the ranks of NAD gear.

Leveraging a Class D output stage amalgamated with HybridDigital technology, the C 379 delivers 80 watts per channel (into 8 and 4 ohms) and 120 watts of Dynamic Power per channel (4 ohms). For audiophiles seeking even more power, the C 379 can be bridged with the C 268 Stereo Power Amplifier to push out 300 watts continuous and 500 watts peak. Efficiency is another hallmark of the C 379. NAD claims its advanced power supply design consumes less than half the energy of comparable amps while maintaining steady voltage regulation under varying conditions, lending to both a performance efficiency and eco-friendly presence.

Output is catered by an onboard ESS SABRE ES9028 digital to analog conversion chip or DAC. Boasting a 32-bit configuration, owners can expect to experience unrivaled dynamic range and minimal distortion.

"The NAD C 379 stands in a class of its own, integrating of every essential component of a high-performance music system and accommodating all music sources from vinyl to digital streaming,” said Cas Oostvogel, Product Manager of NAD Electronics. “With its meticulous, low-noise circuits and the ability to enhance both its features and power output, this Class D integrated is a testament to the legacy of NAD’s Classic Series and our relentless pursuit of sonic excellence at an affordable price.”

With BluOS integration, the amplifier can be connected to a home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, turning the C 379 into a node in a state-of-the-art multi-room audio system that supports up to 24-bit/192kHz streaming. Owners can control their digital music library and access over 20 premium streaming services through the BluOS app.

The C 379 also features NAD’s second-generation Modular Design Construction (MDC 2), allowing for future enhancements and the integration of emerging audiovisual technologies. Two expansion slots further support this flexibility, accommodating additions like the BluOS high-resolution multi-room streaming and Dirac Live Room Correction. The Amp's versatility further extends to connectivity options, which include HDMI eARC, optical and coaxial digital inputs, and dual independent subwoofer outputs. Owners will also find an MM Phono stage with accurate RIAA equalization and a built-in headphone amplifier, both boosting the C 379's broad application capabilities.

If you're attending HIGH END Munich (May 9-12, 2024) and would like to experience the C 379, visit NAD in Rooms D107 and D108, Atrium 3.1 at the MOC Event Centre.

NAD C 379 Details and Specifications:
  • Customized HybridDigital UcD Amplifier with Stereo and Bridge Modes
  • 2 x 80 Watts per channel of Continuous Power (8 and 4 Ohms)
  • 2 x 120 Watts per channel of Dynamic Power (4 Ohms)
  • 1 x 300W, in bridge mode
  • Industry-leading ESS SABRE PRO 32-bit/384kHz DAC
  • Dual MDC 2 Ports for Future Upgrades and Expanded Features
  • MM Phono Stage with Accurate RIAA Equalization and Ultra-Low Noise
  • Built-in Separate Headphone Amplifier for Low and High Impedance
  • HDMI eARC, Optical Digital and Coax Digital Inputs
  • Dual independent Subwoofer Outputs

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