Murideo's 8K SIX-G and SIX-A Field Test Suite, and 8K Seven Generator Eliminate HDMI Guess Work!

(January 17, 2023) Murideo used the grand stage of CES 2023 to show off its latest 8K HDMI testing gear and signal generators. Offering installers and enthusiasts insane levels of functionality and built-in test patterns, the 8K SIX-G and 8K SIX-A Field Test Suite, and the 8K Seven Generator, are invaluable tools to have.

We caught up with Murideo's Jason Dustal to learn about these products, including how they're used, what they cost, and more!

To learn about the testing suite, go to:
To learn about the 8K Seven Generator, go to:
To browse Murideo's free test patterns:

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